Soooo the Museum is full correct?

Yet you add this into the museum sneakingly thinking we wouldn’t catch it.

You not only lied to us about it.
You avoided giving us the 3200 collectible for the 3200 choice box because of it…

Why? You’re already bottlenecking everything else now you wanna bottleneck the S class items.

It’s sick how you guys treat us and we just wanna play the game, it absolutely blows my mind.

I think y’all should give every single player a 3200 choice box crate for straight lying to us about why the museum couldn’t hold any more collections bologna.


I’m 50% sure they were added all the new t-shirt collections before the most recent Laopo/Zach additions

that was there before war I caught it popping up

Thats been up awhile, 2 weeks at best

Then I’m in the wrong bucket wasn’t up for up when I had bloody shirts.

the one you posted about only popped up friday but there was no notification on the musuem, I caught it just because bloody shirts were included in some of the shit war can offers that were out

There was a wheel, wasnt it the syringe wheel? U got bloody shirst, doc or mercer that wheel.

Correct collection box wasn’t there then.

I also only saw this 25k bloody tshirt collection nw
They have not even stated it in the event info

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