Soooo... does PvE not mean what I thought it meant?

So its says use 8 pve refills, but only world cans count. E is everybody, right? Like…umm… people too? Hmmm… pies not sent properly for most sc members, events ending too early, milestones not counting in the sparkler thing, and now not all cans working for a milestone. Can you maybe get one event right before popping off 5 more? I need a map for my roadmap.

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E is for environment, Player versus Environment. You should’ve had searched for this in internet if you are unsure. But yes, mission’s descriptions in the past clearly stated world or raid energy not these terms. I don’t know why they needed to change something this unrelevant!


PvE presumably means SR cans as well as world cans?


Nope SR don’t work … world do. Ain’t tried raid/terr/war.

Any chance this can be raised at a future meeting… mainly the language used on missions is confusing as not clear… likewise tier up actually is use vet rings on green 5* and above

Edit. Riad cans don’t count… an i used ring a on 6* whick worked can’t confirm if same for 5*

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Tiering normally also works. I did mine on 6star green Rick. I think in the past each new ring level has counted as a new tier in milestones too - at least it’s a quicker and cheaper way to get there :slight_smile:

That could ring :wink: true had no greens to tier up and after wasting fodder on 4* took easy route but still a waste of rings

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Raid / territory / war are all PvP, they wouldn’t work. SR should do though


Funny thing is, I did actually look it up, since I wanted to make sure. And yeah, it turns out that it is environment, but the first thing that actually popped up on top ironically is everything (with environment right below it). Of course the funny part there is that we aren’t fighting trees, or places. Its either people, or walkers, or surroundings. So “everything” seems to make more sense in this game. And seriously. Google “pve meaning” and see what you come up with right at top.

Player vs Environment is I guess more of a technical term used in games design. They should have written ‘world cans’ cos that is less open to misintepretation


don’t forget horde cannnnnnn for pvp

I didn’t forget horde cans, I just forgot hordes

Separate thought on this thread but similar, soo I guess you cant use tokens on 80 world map battles? I used about 20 tokens before looking that it wasn’t counting.

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It SHOULD, but it seems only world cans work. If Scope was going to do it this way, they should have just listed it as “world energy”.


It always works this way. Daily event rewards are also only granted if you actually run the map but not if you use tokens.

And they’ve changed the description to “world energy can”

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@blackmeow now that’s funny, here on my side it says 8 war energy cans.


Theyplay it kind of loose with word definitions in this game. I too thought pve had the same meaning as it has in every other game. Anything not versus another player basically.

Every can except terries and raids should count

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