Soooo does anybody think this guy will get his SR rewards?


  • Yes
  • No

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Ya, SR tourney for some reason is different from level/raid tournies in that in SR tourney you can leave before you get prizes…sucks for that guy lol.


He won’t get it. I posted about it twice. Once I got kicked before rewards and also didn’t get it.


Glad to see the majority of us are pessimistic.



I just see a glass & keep refilling it


With poison though right? :wink:

edit - that would be smarter. cheers.


Jim Beam, generally :clinking_glasses:


It’s beyond idiotic the Scopely minions have not fixed this yet. Um, it’s a faction event, how about faction rules? What a concept. @CombatMan. It’s about the 20th time posting this.


What region is this


Can I vote for ‚I don‘t care‘?