Soooo can we get mod removal now lol

I’ll do a rain dance and drop a 40 pull for some mod removal like time now. Or just add it to SC benefits remove mods for free I’d pay for that lol


C’mon scopes… Be a pal… @Nec_Aspera promised he’d even drop a 40!

How fortuitous that there are no technical issues or delays with all these offers that pop up incessantly without failure during regular gameplay :+1:


Wish I could like that comment more than once lol

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thanks bro, sucks we gotta wait but atleast we know it ain’t happening now lol

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I hope scopely doesn’t mistake with the mod removal cost event with their chat MODerator technology and remove the CMT instead. XD



Could we get a chat filter removal event too so we can empty our swear jars? :stuck_out_tongue:



Some games have a 40 pull in addition to getting the characters no rng.


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