Sooo we just gonna ignore that battle chests don’t offer battle rewards?

It would be nice to see some war cans drop in the battle chests instead of basic tokens supply points or burts” I know there are more than that but like 80% of the time that’s what I receive and my personal experience with these chests”. I mean I know scopes is about that money and want ya to pay for cans but let’s get a proper name for the chest if it doesn’t support battle rewards like cans and such.


Waiting for the scopely employees on fake forum accounts to come in and say “basic tokens are fine, dont like emm, dont use emm” :roll_eyes:

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This would be great. Alot of players are can locked, especially those with lower lvl accounts that rarely/never mvp, which means war isn’t fun. 4 hits then wait is dumb. Even a 5% drop rate would be a solid offering to the community.

How many times have you seen a 60 min battle cause players are waiting on energy or someone on one of the sides repair their camp? Energy regen at the same rate to repair a camp? Lol.

This also facilitates worsening match making as the highly competitive teams turn over quickly, while lower ranks drag on endlessly. So you end up having a huge queuing mismatch heavily weighted to the competitive factions. I’d estimate a 5:1 ratio between these groups.

Win:Loss ratios have also declined. As such, each loss reduces opportunity to receive a can from combat which has only further reduced war can availability.

Yada yada I could go on all day about this. Blah blah blah but I’ll stop here.


Even the idea of shortening the timers which natural war energy regenerates would be nice if they can’t add cans. If I remember correctly it’s like a 8min timer, I may be wrong on that but in a 60min war that number is still a long time to wait and hopefully you get lucky and a can drops the next hit. A lot of nice things could be done with a little bit of effort from the devs

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I’ve always said, the day I run out of war can and don’t feel like spending is the day I retire. I cannot understand how players eat without canning. I always look at even my faction mates who don’t do it and wonder how it’s fun…

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Yes, but less cans = more $$$$$$$$ for scopes. Your logic is flawed, as it is for the players

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I think shortening the energy refill time would be a huge help. Idk how many battles I’ve had to sit and watch because someone has to wait 5 min on energy. Or someone has no cans and a camp is about to come back from slow rep and then we have to sit even longer . Would also be wonderful if going for towers at the beginning guaranteed a can, even if it’s just for the person who got it. This used to be a likely outcome. However let few wars I’ve gotten towers many times and have not had cans drop.
I also have a small account in a lower faction and experienced wars in lower levels, talk about a long grueling war. Basically takes forever to fill so if your on your likely mvp but your basically stuck in an hour long battle every single time.

I would hypothesis

No cans often reduces engagement.

Reduces # of close matches.

Reduces earning potential from these close matches.

Not to forget, If you have no cans, your not camp repairing.

But they’d have to test this out. When they turned cans off, did increasing earnings or did fewer players engage?

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@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @Hedge @TayTron… I mean seriously…

Only true to certain extent.

HAPPY CUSTOMERS are willing to pay more for goods and in turn, will become repeat customers. Scopley doesn’t understand that logic. Players aren’t happy so players aren’t going to buy those overpriced War refill deals… except for the outlier spenders. If this game treated me (player base) better I’d easily be willing to buy things but they don’t so…

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basic tokens are fine, dont like emm, dont use emm Man!!!

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Ever since they changed basic token like last year the basic tokens aren’t even worth pulling all you end up getting more than half the time is one star weapons and one stars which is worthless to lvl with and all the weapons do is make u hit ur 1000 limit that u have to address those either break them down or sell them

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I dunno…those basic tokenshave come in handy to fill my rooster so i could use a training camp.

That being said i do agree that war refills would be a lot better

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