Sooo many raids end in a draw


As a mid-ranking player - rank 150 +/- in an active region with a good (but not brilliant) all Lv 90 6* S8++ attack team I find myself ending so many raids with all mine and all my opponents still alive. Incoming damage is heavily absorbed, as is outgoing damage - like 6* Shiva with +atk claws and +100% atk doing 1-200 damage to say a tanked Koa.

Raiding is really a drag now - add the superfluous 6* animations which can easily add 3 seconds per round and I would say 50% of my raids with similar ranked and strengthed teams end with 9 or 10 toons left as the timer hits zero!

Anyone else?


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Only time I time out on raids is when I’m multitasking with stuff irl.


lol… RL is the real villain here


I think this is a you issue. There are definitely time out teams out there but that is a exception rather than a norm. Are you using active skills? Koa can be tanky but he shouldn’t be an issue if you stun him and go after some easier targets.


Nope. Not an issue. Although if it looks grim I just flee and go onto the next.


I’m going to make an assumption, but you aren’t raiding with a +40% leader are you?

It’s funny when people complain they can’t win raids and then trot out Carl lead attack teams :see_no_evil:


You mean you lose a lot of raids? There is no such thing as a draw or tie


Yeah raiding the higher players is becoming a pain since everyone is just using time out teams


Like it or not but we are in the timeout meta. If you don’t have a shield you can’t defend.


Yeah fair enough - just asking. It’s making these shovels impossible to collect!!

Problem is as F2P, I can’t choose my toons, I have got to make the best of a mediocre bunch.

My +40atk leaders are OK, and with my atk focused teams, I win 1 in 6 - when I win, it’s a bloodbath - but the most defensive defence teams wipe them out in no time.

With a defensive team in attack (Carl Lead, and Shiva RTS, Kal, Maggie & Javier) they become a war of attrition - I pick them off one by one, and use my controlling rushes when my mods prevent me from being disabled… but jeez… it drags!

If I put anything less than this defensive team into attack, I only last 4 or 5 rounds - not enough time to get multiple AR hits.

I guess my teams are in the middle ground - my I don’t have a slightly defensive attack combo yet! The joys of FTP!

Keep on surviving :smiley:


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