Soon it's Christmas, which means


As you know Christmas is about giving and receiving things…whether we are talking about gifts, love and happiness, we give something, but at the same time we get things too! :slight_smile:

Throughout the years, we have been given some events (good or bad?! you decide!).
I believe it’s time to return the favour.
So, my questions to the community are the followings…

  1. If you could design a Christmas event to Scopely, what would that be?

  2. What would you give to Scopely for Christmas? (in general)

Feel free to show your creativity! :slight_smile:


Christmas bonuses for sales targets

  1. Bags of salt for everyone, they could be farmed, recieved trough raids, even teritories. On end of 30day event we will all have a chance to replace them for sd points at 1:1000 rate.

  2. Cash and pancakes, never enough of those


salt canes


Just a reminder to please follow guidelines.

If this goes to a dark place it will be closed.

Thank you and commence!

  1. I’d have all the players in the raid leader board change their name to a single word from a different Holiday themed song for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Then video say… The winner of the event for that day scrolling through while singing the words. Seems like a cute, kinda cool thing to do.

  2. I dunno. Figure it’s best to just be peaceful. They seem to not have much of that.


Close the game.


Pffft you are no fun


You surely understand why the players give so much hate when this is responded to in seconds but the 30 day pass insult has been left alone for a while already


Why lock the whole post if users take it to a “dark place” than just removed those users posts?


My present is already in the mail. Hope you guys enjoy!!


Farmable coal and Christmas trees from roadmap and raids… Make a coal wheel with legendary gear and a Christmas tree wheel with Christmas toons especially a 5* Santa axel


Better replace that axel with bag of rocks


That’s a CMs job. Keep the forums civil. Gotta keep in mind what directly falls under her responsibility and what doesn’t.

That being said, I too can see lots of reasons for bitterness from the players


Id would do a special event and treat them to a cooked meal of Turkey and rice every 3 minutes will give them one grain of rice until we get to 10000 grains then when we are at 9950 grains.

I will set up some sort of game where they belive they can can win the rest of the parts needed for the meal.

2 days later I will charge them £450 for the turkey (about the same price as a gps a pixel gps of course because a real one in the real world costs only about £60-£150)

Then once they have won the turkey and I have the ingredients I’ll take the items to my chef, but when he realised that the rice is still 50 grains short he will just give them a credit note for the kitchens supply depot for 50 points, this will be enough for something in about a year or so.


Start this event already so we can dump our expectations



chacoral 4 every 1


The blood of the coven is thicker than the water of the womb is the full saying

Meaning the people you choose to surround yourself with are more important than those surrounding you by relation

Bumper sticker 1/10


Set up a series of hoops to jump through which ultimately lead to a pair of crocks. Keep on surviving!