Soo... jiafeng?

So unless you or your faction mates have jiafeng then you won’t be getting enough light beacons for the zhu map. How about a roadmap scopely? Not like it will happen but hey just figured i would suggest it


Can u go to another faction that has the toon

Been trying

Shouldn’t have to join another faction. If an event requires me leaving my faction of 4 years then it’s not an event I’ll be playing


Not saying you should have too but this is scopely so don’t expect any help

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Respectfully, this typhoon event is not worth your effort. Getting some of the missions, yea, worth it. But what do you really get for your troubles. A toon that will make little to no difference. No one even know how difficult the last few stages will be. While I am sure not impossible, they will not be a breeze. Just keep banking 5* tokens and prey you get something there, or aim for the collection items for Petw Anderson or priya.

Well one at you factions must have her…I am the only one that has her and iv been helping my fac alot.Got her from tapjoy coins

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