Soo anyone remember Walker Hordes?

Bruh did yall like forget walker hordes existed?? im guessing its cuz the massive amount of tokens you get from it?? But like still some of us wouldnt mind getting another one

Edit: thankss I didnt know about the Faction Hordes, also didnt expect all the fighting but ok😂

You can download plants versus zombies on the Google play or the Apple App Store. LOL

Check the calendar. It’s next week

Faction hordes. Not sure how that’s gonna work tho

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personally i did not like hordes much. i liked the other game mode more. i dont remember the name lol but it was like war but better. the fights were one faction vs another. the whole faction could play because you did not need to be lucky to be fast enough to get in the q.

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Onslaught. Apparently no one remembers the name of this mode.

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good job trying to make your self sound like a player and not a scopely intern :rofl:


This is one reason my faction has a war schedule :grin:

wow thats even worse if i understand you correctly.

does that mean, that your faction mates are not allowed to play at all, if its not their time in the schedule?

this is fun you are so much a bad troll


im no troll at all, but we all know that you are a troll. nothing wrong it. i like you. you are funny.


If a spot is open they can play, it is organized and has helped everyone get more points in war and allows us to get top ranks in war. I will never go back to free for all, asking for a body, waiting hours to fill, rushing to fill, we take 30 seconds to fill and war non stop and have got rank 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, etc in all our wars and personally i have got more points in war.

explain for me how i am a troll even the players here that do not like me know better than you saying this

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Do you mean all out war or blitz war?

you are here for your personal entertainment. you constantly make comments so that others say bad things about you or scopely. you do it in a way that you dont violate the tos but also so that everybody knows that you are a troll. this is brilliant. you beat them with their own weapons. i admire you a little bit. honestly. you are great!

stay as you are

no. they are exactly like war. i mean the other kind. we have not seen it in a while. the whole faction could fight against another faction. 30 v 30 not only 8 v 8 or even 6 v 6. and you did not need cans because you got enough free energy to finish the opponent in the first round

i like for players to know what scopely is now so how is trying to show them as crooks being a troll you are a deffinition of troll but my flight is delayed so please give entertainment to me

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great answer! this is exactly why i admire you!

#KeepOnTrolling :wink:

Oh onslaught

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