Something weird just happened for me

I was burning my eneregy on a world map, the last one that costs 20 energy.

After it was done and showing rewards…instead of where the assault tickets icon usually is…it showed what looked like: a card/toon.

Problrm was i hit the button to collect so fast that i couldn’t see if it was a zombie or regular toon…i checked my inventory but find nothing…same with roster.

Anyone else see this?

I will try to be more careful from now on so i can maybe get a screenshot

I tried 4 times but nothing. Is your assault tickets logo the ticket w/skulls or that [pH] thing some people had? Maybe it corrected. Don’t know if it was fixed I never had that problem

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Guess just burn all your world cans till you can reproduce this :wink:

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I’m helpful for 92 energy lol


New walker card drops for Horde. Hmmmmmmmm

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Maybe it was a glitch…but it was where the faction assault ticket rewards usually are…perhaps a premonition of things to come

It could be a bug related to the testing of new hoard event, but to be honest it sounds a lot more like the bath salts are kicking in. You’re simply just tripping balls my friend. Best not to fight it. Just kick back and enjoy the ride.



Thats scopely dancing when that war in April happens :rofl:

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The only bathsalts i know of…smh

I still like your animated gif tho

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isso também acontece comigo…

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De Verdad?

That looks like the dude from Mad Max/ Weird Science


Though they patch the ph thing mine change and a remember them fixing it

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Oh my God dude LMAO! The resemblance is uncanny.

The Hills have eyes (Not Madmax) lol

the other guy in weird science was in madmax (movie pointless trivia for you) lmao

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