Something to be aware of with #halloweengate

Im not criticizing that guy/the original article at all. It was good that it was published. And of course transcripts will contain some mistakes (I have worked extensively with them, and know how difficult this task is). None of these errors were in the original article, because they are not errors that any human or machine doing transcription would ever make.

I’m simply talking about the other site: They did not make an unaltered copy of the original article, they took the text and modified it.

it’s really simple to spot for anyone who has worked with student and non-native writing. There’s stuff in there that no competent speaker of English would ever say, that even no learner of English would ever say. No one would ever use “contact” instead of “call” this way, that’s just not the kind of error any person ever makes. And I just gave two examples, the whole text is full of them - every other sentence has something that’s obvious if you’re actually reading it, and in many cases completely incomprehensible. It’s simply a search-and-replace error, common to people who want to obfuscate that they plagiarized, and are completely incompetent at it.

Trust the original article (@Kanaima apparently has a pdf). I’d personally also trust the full version that they published later (largely because it’s even more incriminating), but I can understand it if you don’t. Don’t trust the site hosting this crudely butchered version, they modified it. It’s a fraud site modifying content posted elsewhere, probably for search engine manipulation or even worse fraud.

Seriously, I took a look at the first article on their home page. It’s headline reads " Grid 2019 – After you get utilized to it, you will not cease getting exciting". use and utilize are synonyms in some cases, but “get utilized to” does not work at all, at least not with the meaning of “get used to”. And this is not a mistake anyone would ever make; have you ever heard anyone say “Get ultilized to it” in earnest? It just doesn’t happen ever. “you will not cease getting exciting”, wtf?

And then you google for what the key phrases may have been, and find the original article was on indiewatch,net, and was ot course titled “Grid 2019 – Once you get used to it, you won’t stop having fun”, which makes perfect sense. “New Mobile Gadget” is a scam site, bastardizing content posted elsewhere. through automated search-and-replace, that may make articles incomprehensible or distort their meaning.

And again, nothing of this is a criticism in any way of Venture Beat, which have done some fine journalism here. I’m exclusively talking about New Mobile Gadget, which is a scam.

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I had these “crazy” thoughts about scopely doing this before said article. The one thought that wasn’t confirmed, was the nerfing of one’s characters/ rosters to boost in game spending, like other mobile gaming companies admittedly do. Maybe one day

Doesn’t sound like Scopely at all.

Except for when all 5 stars were effectively nerfed with the release of six stars.

Then all those six stars were (somewhat less) effectively nerfed with the release of Gen 2 six stars.

And then all those Gen 2 six stars were effectively nerfed with the release of S-Class characters.

But no. No roster nerfing here…