Something to be aware of with #halloweengate

With the latest gate, (#halloweengate?) Whatever it is called, some players had their halloween tokens converted to coins on a 1 token to 250 coins ratio, some players ended up with 50k, 100k, 250k, etc coins!

Something people may have overlooked, forgotten about, etc is that things in game have a limited amount, example, you are in bucket A and bucket A only has 100 Wang Fa, the people who got these coins pulled and got 100 Wang Fa, bucket A now has 0 Wang Fa, applies to Mia wheel, other wheels, etc. Something to remember/know RTS community.

Also it is $100 for about 8k coins, that means someone just got 50k coins or about $600 for free, take a moment to think about that. While you are spending hundreds or even thousands, some players got that for free. Personally i would feel robbed.

And now these players have multiple Wang Fa, Mia, etc. Whatever else they can buy with coins and the gap has widened.

This is more of a mess than i think some want to admit, some would rather play this off and as such i wanted people to be aware of those 3 main points.

Edit: A part of the article from VentureBeat about the finite pool, people are free to go read it themselves but for those who dont


Well it sucks I didn’t get any coins because I used my tokens but good for those who did


This is by the worst gate to date. The Highwaymen demand Justice !


Another view is some people who have been playing this game for ages being screwed over by Scopely and they just got one of their most exciting moments in the game today and finally got to feel like what it is to get one over on ole Scopely and not so much as each other. I did not get anything from this, and to be quite honest I’m salty and mad cause I didn’t but at the same time I know some people who been struggling and on the edge of retiring for awhile and this has sparked some real enjoyment for them so I hope they get to keep what they got. It’s unfair to others maybe but so was the other past gates. But everyone has an opinion and that’s just mine :slight_smile: congrats to those that got something! Monday will be hilarious lol


First if all, dying light is hands down the best zombie game ever! So excited for DL2

And really this post is to make people aware or remind them about the limited amount of things in game, this applies to not just toons in a wheel but gear, items, tokens, burts, etc.

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maybe it will happen again. but unlikely now they see their errors. They should still atleast give players 500 coins


Agree lol just want to make people aware is all, i benefitted from spikegate and got Dale for the price of 2 deluxe replenish, as well as i have benefitted from other gates. Not asking for a rollback as that would be bs on my part to want a rollback when i dont benefit, just want to remind the community/make them aware of the bs it is.


Proof of this? Seems entirely speculation. Not even the most creative reading of the article will support that. [ETA: typo fix, and there is a sequence that in isolation could be read to imply this if you ignore that the reasoning would not make sense and that the language would not fit to what is claimed]

If they do, everyone else will be retiring.


I will have a look at the article tonight, from what i know tho it has been edited several times so idk whats there and not, if changed back or not, etc. This was also said by devs as well, same devs who said things about the “buckets” something to keep in mind folks

It’s my second favorite zombie game, Left For Dead is my first favorite since it got me into the zombie game genre. also, yeah i get that. i’m a little sad i didnt get any coins though.

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L4d i have so many mods for that lol, all the zombies are teletubbies and the boss zombies are Mario, like tank is donkey kong and the witch is princess peach, great fun still!

I read it the first time it was up, and various edited versions.

The point of the buckets was that there are spending tiers, like a tier of players spending 20-50$ a month. They want to get players to move from the 20-50$ bucket to the 50-100$ bucket.

There is definite confirmation that mystery bags may have different odds based on who it is offered to.

There is some language that very strongly implies that they are modifying pulls within one class of rewards depending on what their algorithms think will maximize your spending. So that for example, it might affect the number of Wangfa cards or Red velvet cake from a pull - some people have a higher chance of getting more, some a lower chance.

There is some language that implies that they are thinking of doing things with a limited total availability. We can be quite sure that this system is not in place, because we don’t know that it is, and the language makes very clear that this system is supposed to motivate players to spend; they want to create “a social competitive purchasing mechanism” so that superwhales will really spend - the advantage they gain here is, once they have it, no longer something that is available to their competition. This only works if players know about it!

There is an incredible amount of very shady stuff in that article. The is no need to fabricate more.


I ask for a rollback, full.

Not fabricating more, i am speaking about what i KNOW as i did with the buckets for years. I have nothing to gain nor lose here. I have nothing to prove either. If people dont believe me, think I’m crazy, dont like me, etc. It does not matter as i am not here to be anyones friend, to be right, to be cool, etc. I mearly offer the red pill and have for years, those who take it can see how deep the rabbit hole goes, those who take the blue pill can believe whatever they want to believe, it is what it is and effects me non what so ever either way. Theirs a very good reason i know the things i know and have spoke about things for years, suprising no one has connected the dots, again tho, it is what it is. Again, I just want to make people aware and will continue to speak out and help where and when i can. I was called crazy for s class, for plat mods, for mods in gen, for buckets, etc. People believing or not, changed nothing for me personally.

Would be a huge rollback lol all the items used, levels gained, food, wood, mods, trainers, tournament rank, etc. By the way it is a holiday Monday so scopely might not be in till Tuesday, by then people will have got promoted in leagues, etc. I think a rollback at that level would be such a mess.

Look at their post lol coins removed … what about the coins they spent

I don’t care, it’s hard enough to compete

While i agree, i think by that time, the damage from a rollback would be too big

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No, you are fabricating more. There is no reason at all to believe this. It wouldn’t even make sense from Scopely’s perspective, as it would reduce pulls very quickly, and they want people to spend more on pulls, not less.

Fantasizing such stuff hurts everyone, Post enough baseless conspiracy theories, and Scopely will get away with the real conspiracies.


Here you go, from the article it self.

You can say and believe what you want, again, it is what it is. You can also say, “they havent done this yet, scopely is good and tells the truth!” And i am president of Mars :man_shrugging: dont know what else to say but i wont sit here and say “yes” and you say “no” and i say “yes” and we go back and forth. I knew about this long before the article and told people this among other things, the cat was let out of the bag and it is what it is.