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Removed due to saltmines.

Why Are the LU milestones so low?

That’s gotta be fake, not on your end, just the wrong info.


Not a damn chance :joy::joy::joy:


About as much chance of happening as Scopes replying to the merge thread they’ve ignored for a week


I just got a little too excited early, lol. Back to the regularly scheduled dissapointment if its a ruse.


That looks too good to be true lol


If its vk doe ya know there’s like a 99% chance it’s true


It’s the same on VK

Someone forgot a few 000s


Expect this to be fixed and adjusted immediately but things like territories crashing to be delayed a further 6 months or multi buy food option in depot to be pushed back in order for the milestones to be fixed


This community really is just so stupid … you post this up in advance so they can fix it rather than letting us have an early retirement present …

i really just don’t get the mentality of some people posting in here, i really don’t


1 lvl = 4000 necklaces naw


They probably monitor VK themselves too, to say this is the only way they’ll notice is silly


not silly at all … they rlease beta bugs etc and still dont fix it


Delete this post so theres a chance it happenz


i agree with this


delete this thread man


Posting about it here makes it a virtual certainty that those milestones will be fixed.

It would have been wiser not to post about it at all.


Probably only a visual glitch anyway, just some zeros missing. will still be the same old 2,000,000 for the 1500 necklaces.


Except remember the Indi prizes for faction event a couple of years ago?
This is why they always copy/paste the rewards - th y can’t be trusted to sanity check


They completely missed all the posts regarding the war energy glitch between a weekend war and a blitz. I’m not sure I’d even trust them to see this single post…