Something needs to be done about duplicates

Literally as the title says. This is what I have gotten in game as of recently.

Alert ascendance - I keep getting Rick or either Glenn trying for Donny, I must be nearing 30/40 attempts and I have yet to gain an ascendable

5* tokens - I have gained this rick from 5* tokens 3 times IN A ROW.

Training camps - so I’ve never got an ascendable from training camps but when I eventually do I get one of the shittest characters two times in a row.

Literally something needs implamenting to stop duplicates because this isn’t fun at all


Bet you would love double Zach though.

On a serious note - I totally agree. I’m ■■■■■■■ sick of it.


I’ve done 4 5 star pulls in a row now.

4 Randall’s.

I love this game!

But what’s the chances of actually pulling duplicate promo toons? It always seems to be everyone get duplicate shitty toons lol


Great ■■■■■■■ point :clap::clap::clap:

Pulled him from 5* tokens lol

I got the same 2 Maggie’s today too :joy:

Have also pulled 8 Crista in the last week. Not one ascendable.

All from 5* tokens btw


Got about 25 4* Aarons in the last month. :expressionless: wtaf would anyone do with ONE Aaron, let alone 24 more

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I just got Blue Morgan as well!

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This is a gambling game. There is no way to “balance” it without totally revamping the RNG odds system.

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