Something needs to be done about all these hacker facs


Out that’s a fun game! What will go up in flames first? Your car or scopely? :rofl:


You should have bought Elon Musk’s flame thrower first, it’ll probably break later than your car does lol


i understand .thx


For me it’s easy. Scopely won’t get any dollar as long as hackers get 1st position in CRW.


Embrace your local region hackers

  • Let your hackers be your ally.
  • Become friends with your local hackers.
  • Get to know your hackers.
  • Invite your hackers into your faction.
  • Join your hackers their faction.
  • Allow your hackers to help you reach the heights you’ve never reached before.
  • Learn from your local hackers.
  • If Scopely can’t beat them, Let your fellow hackers beat Scopely for you.
  • Don’t SMMFH towards your local hackers.
  • Don’t discriminate your hackers.
  • Embrace your hackers.
  • Become one with your hackers.

Need hackers in my region ASAP!


How is this one a hacker? I don’t understand


um… no. everything you just said… just no. they are to be looked down upon, mocked, ridiculed and banned. plain and simple. its not rocket science. these knuckle draggers are taking away prizes that should be going to legitimate players. want good stuff? join the club. grind and farm like everybody else.


Your gripe should be with scopely. Why shouldn’t everyone join the cheat train if they do nothing yo stop it?


thats what i thought this whole thread was about. its letting scopely know that they have a cheating faction hacking their game and scopes needs to do something about it.


Lmao do you think they don’t know? They do! They just don’t care. You’ve been around long enough to know this.


So far everything has broken!
My expectations are broken about fast is…now I know fast. My expectations have been broken about what quiet is, only sounds are the scream from your passengers.
I expected a new car has some issues, broke that expectation too. Everything works except the media player needs resetting about once per week.


You finally got that Tesla you’ve been talking about for a while congrats.


I guess… Gotta go with the flow ?


This particular player needed about 10s per attack against heavy equipped prestige 12/13 players. Before towers were taken he/she had already finished 3 or 4 successful attacks.
That faction wiped out our whole faction in about 3 minutes. They always had 4 or 5 hackers and 3 or 4 placeholder player without any attacks.
Sure prestige 7 could still present a lucky and strong account, when you see the Screenshots of similar hacking players that use s20 hacked 2* toons to beat up s9 teams you can be sure these guys are cheating.