Something needs to be done about all these hacker facs

something needs to be done about all the hacker facs and cheating players. its getting to the point where its not fun to play this game anymore. i dont understand the logic these chumps have hacking this crappy mobile game instead of hacking something useful like an xbone or switch. scopes needs to fix this game permanently asap so it cant be hacked by these pricks anymore. and before someone says to just quit the game, id love to. just refund all the money i wasted on this pos and id glady uninstall this mess…


This is why crw sucks.


Make a video of nuking your account you wont


Rumor is this is swept under the rug so it will make people $pend more to compete with the cheats, idk bout others but it makes me not want to $pend and makes me want to cheat instead, i mean why not since its left unpunished. Something does need to be done tho!


Vk > scopely chances at things in game

VK been around so long, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if VK people pay off Scops to keep the machine running…


vk controls scopely much like Putin controls trump heheh


we need more cheaters
more cheaters, more people quitting, less money for scopely then they will do something about it


Players: You need to do something about those hackers!
Scopely: Sure. Lets make a new overpowered toon. :slight_smile:


i wonder how they do it…

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Needs an Anti cheat program even a punkbuster of sorts would be better than nothing lol

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They have the best anti cheat.
New premier toons xD


new toons wont solve anything. its just new toons for the hackers to get…they should do a bi-weekly ban on all cheaters and hackers. i mean how hard is it? drunk, mute, quadriplegic braindead monkeys could do it, why cant a million dollar company?

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Not just factions theirs some brand new accounts on my region with the bloody profile who have S9+ teams all best toons and weapons. Obviously they are using hacked gold as nobody would spend thousands on a new region like that.

their (((unlimited greed))) knows no limits.


1st place Faction was obviously cheating.

2 of their Players would finish an attack perfect score in under 5 seconds.

In the time it took me to take a tower, the guy had basically hit 8 ppl.

It was like this the whole War.
It’s obviously Impossible to beat 8 Full Defensive Teams Leaders Weapons
in 5 seconds Each. Shields alone can take a few turns to down.

My team is 100% defensive it’s not possible to kill my team perfect in 5 seconds.
My magna has the Maximum Defensive base Stats…
Mods, perfect Weapon and Erika Lead.

And to think. this Fac took 1st place, and they Had very pitiful teams
The region was obviously Newer (ES) Region.

There needs to be an Easy way to “Report” players.
Perhaps Limit Reporting to 1 report per player, and 10 reports a day or something.

If players get Reported Hundreds of Times, it would be Obviously worth running a
small anti hack scan on their account data…

All of this is literally things that Exist in so many Games.
It’s just too simple.

Make a Robot that counts reports, if the reports reach a certain level.
Scan for hacks, and Boom Ban.

Banning Hackers Is actually something that Makes the game more Enjoyable.
Everyone who isn’t hacking wants to see Real Abusive Hackers get banned.

Blatant Hacking is pretty questionable.
Especially in Cross Regional Wars.

6 rank 1 very solid teams. ALL losing to the Same Hackers.

And these Hackers got the Best Rewards.

I’m sure scope is maybe making money from some of these Hacker accounts
but Players Openly Hacking should easily be detectable and we have had Ban Waves.

But why is there no System that can Automatically Scan a player and Ban them?
If this system existed, Hackers would be forced to be less obvious at least
diminishing the impact by Adding that you can get banned at any moment if you are
suspected of hacking and actually are hacking.

Especially in a pay to play Game.
Why is Hacking not being dealt with more swiftly?

Exploiting… vk hacks where they make shit appear outta thin air.
That’s not so crazy because they still have limitations like we all do.

Hacking STATS and being able to 1 shot any team in 5 seconds…
That’s just stupid.

Hacker Facs should have their Factions Disbanded and them remain “locked” until the event Ends.
So none of them can claim any faction reward they “hacked” to get ahead.

It’s absolutely unfair that 1 or 2 hackers can Hack Tournaments and
Win the prize for their Team.

All games who take their game seriously Ban hackers and also
Ban accounts with “Hacker association”. If a hacker is helping you out
and you are endorsing the hacker, it’s clearly promoting hacks.
You had might aswell be using a 2nd hacking and hacking yourself.
What’s the difference.

Cheating in online games has always been Rampant.
It only stops or diminishes when the Game Devs add these
Standard Anti-cheating measures that ensure Players
can Report Hackers and rely on an automatic Hack Detection.


Lost CRW to hackers Just Cause.


The thing is though how would they stop this huge problem though because would they have to come up with a whole new anti cheat system which could cost an enormous amount of money and effort to create.

Keep spending


faction lvl up had just started and they were already up 23 million in points

i then call them out on it and thats the response i get.

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Including Scopes :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:

But go to the shop to buy whatever crappy offer is currently there. :+1: