Something isn't adding up

I’m tore down. To get this close and them stick the screws to me again makes me want to quit. I love my region and want to help them but I will post everywhere else what a lousy company this is if they don’t ship up. I’m abt tired of getting screwed. And I may be overreacting but with this company you never know. Whether your being screwed or its some kind of mistake. They owe me cones for this and for the stress this has caused me today. Unreal. And continue to push sales. I wouldn’t buy a …99 cent gold bar off these idiots. You don’t cheat me and get my money too. Oh hell no. The only reason. I haven’t gave this company a real hard time is I enjoy this game. But they keep pushing and pushing. Its been 2 1/2 hours. Where’s it at? Refreshed. Where’s it at? I want my cones or so help me god, ill do everything in my power. ! The only reason I’m biting my tongue is this could very well be a mistake. Surely they aren’t so incompetent that they can’t give at least a weeks notice to their players if this is what they intend. Again the ineptitude is staggering. And ppl will still find a way to uphold them. I’m tearing loose if this isn’t fixed ASAP. They screwed me out of Romanov at 16.8k puppies. Oh my god im so mad I better go. . [Screenshot_2019-11-10-20-52-37|690x387]upload://670p82FI2Czo6wcgDoWcNYisJEL.png)


And still handing out torches! Sorry I’m so mad I can’t even download my pics!

where is the s class roadmap???

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Bud put your phone down and do something else for a couple hours before you give yourself a coronary.

I’m a girl. But I’ve done that. Thanks. I’m still so mad I can’t see but I’m breathing atm. Lol. JPEG_20191110_201517

You seem pretty high strung.

Not really. I just expect too much from ppl. And Scopely. I’m a nurse. I deal in taking care of others and helping ppl. I’m new to this kind of stuff. 2 year I stayed away and played my game quietly. I’m finding my voice. I just expect to be treated with some kind of civility. If that makes me high strung then maybe so.

I want to know as well. I keep calm most of the time. But these ppl bring out the worst in me.

i still need 4256 keys for s class pete


This isn’t new.

You are in the line of bent over buddy.
Unless you given a mortgage you get noting.

Nothing you say matters unfortunately.

Three months ago they were held to the flame and they didn’t care. They pushed more cost to players and people opened the proverbial a$$ and let them continue to exploit them.

Problem is content creators giving them other people’s money so they gain popularity.
It’s a game. Not life.
Yes it’s a great game for gamblers.

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I hope you find a way to get them. I’m 170 from priya

I was at 15k plushies, but was ok with not getting romanov, what i dont like is that they told us it would be for something later on & then when they took them away, they said sorry…i would like a choice box for those, cuz I see they are tight on coins & I have enough sd points to last a couple years.

need roadmaps for blue keys…cant get s class pete without them !!

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I’m not a gambler. But I played happily until all the changes started coming. Its my past time. Some civility isn’t much to ask for. Well obviously it is. I know what your saying is true. Too much invested and too many promises made to quit. But I should. As should everyone. Asking for some notice on things shouldn’t be too much. Not when your a public company who makes so many promises. Communication. What a joke!

Need 3k more for Pete!

And I get you. Haven’t even received the milestone rewards yet as well. Been 2 hours since I hit those milestones. Restarted cleared cache all that good shit. Think something is up since the HGate. They messed up and not being around enough with the fix cause of weekend. Imma wait and not lose it on something that’s out of our control.

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No one knows what’s happening with the roadmap it’s late Sunday night, no one is around to investigate it yet. Just try to relax and be glass half full. Hopefully it’ll be back tomorrow.

Same here.

They have a lawsuit pending out of New Jersey about deceptive practices.
Keep a lookout for that.

To me it is no longer a investment.
It doesn’t pay back anything ever.
It’s a waist of money. You will never have anything worth value from this company, ever.


better be right about it !! cz i’m gonna be crazy if that roadmap doesn’t come !!

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I didn’t get my milestones either. Yet. Come to think of it. Oh boy. Another screw up? Really? What the neck is going on with this company? I’m sure them selling s class items has nothing to do with it. Lord.

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That’s true. Well see guys. Hope it resolved tomorrow. But they can still manage to sell s class items on the day this happens. Strange.