Something else to consider about the high milestones

I don’t see many people talking about this but…what if I or you were a new player in the game?How could a newcomer feel if they saw that the LOWEST milestone is 150k and the highest is 2mil?They would pretty much instantly quit the game as no one would like to grind for months in order to even hit the first milestone.This is just another example that they don’t really care about the players and that they are FORCING everyone to spend.:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Honestly even if a new player came to the game and was willing to spend money on it. They would have no idea what to buy and how to spend to hit a milestone that high and then quit after spending.

I would do that. ¯\(ツ)/¯ called "gitting gu d"
Wouldn’t be so boring as it is right now with the low ticket limit and level cap.

Right and even more when they are creating new regions and still having the same rewards. I think i remember someone stating/sending screens of an almost brand new region having those rewards. That would be impossible for a region that is a week old.

Most noobs won’t have a clue let alone inclination on how to store survivors/food etc for level ups for example


I hear you John, that’s my biggest concern too!

I will reiterate it. Thank you!


It’s 2017 and people still call people noobs? Lmao that’s ridiculous. It could be 2029 and people will still say that crap. :joy:

@kalishane gotta be honest these high milestones contradict your statement about fairness. In one event u talk about making rewards fair basically making this game non competitive and non rewarding for doing the best in a region. Yet personalol milestones are unachievable by these players that u say u r making it fair for. If u are saying it for one event it should be for all in rewards aspect. I’ve made several points about this. When I was in a lower faction I had to spend to keep up before making my way up with endless hours of war and the events that had poor rewards. I’m all about allowing everyone better rewards but milestones for level ups speaks completely against wanting to reward lower level players. I for one think that saying rewards are bad because scopley needs to be fair was an exscuse.


I have yet to see an explanation why when the milestones have increased 800% the bonus point values have stayed the same?

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The milestone rewards should be balanced out so that beginners can realistically obtain the lower gear/items they need to progress and and higher milestones are worth the effort to obtain them.

E.g: For solo level up, the milestones should be something like 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k, 750k (if enough room), 1m.

At 100k give either a beanie or flak & 3* gear.
At 500k give either a walkie or school bar & 4* gear
At 1m give either a GPS or canteen & 5* gear

Put appropriate trainers and other items as additional rewards at each of the above levels.


the younger players have a harder time to grow with these crazy milestones. They also aren’t all at levels 100+ so they can’t even get duct tape and polishing kits to craft decent weapons. I haven’t seen a weapon roadmap in ages despite everyone’s pleading for them. If the younger players can’t grow and the top players are quitting due to poor rewards, then what is going to come of this game? It is a sad reality that most of us are experiencing.


I am pretty sure (although I am not going to dig through tons of posts to prove it sorry) that Shane has been asked a few times about having additional milestones, and has said that after asking the team they are currently limited to 6 and that it isn’t easy to change.

I would assume she asked Live op’s this question and not the developers, as I believe live ops have a tool to put rewards in, change the score required, start time of event etc, but the developers would just say yeah sure we can do that, where do you want it in the priority list.

I agree that something has to be done about these, In the post I refer to above I believe I originally suggested bringing back the old milestones and adding the higher ones on top. but while we are limited to 6 it is a much harder juggling act to encourage newer players, but to also have the higher milestones at a level where Scopely are willing to give out gear that will keep the veterans happy.

ok so it was quite easy to find Shane’s post

kalishaneCommunity Manager


I think the hardest part is there are technical limitations to how many milestone degrees we can offer.

I tried to find out if we could offer more than what we currently do so we can hit the more novice players as well and it doesn’t sound like that’s something we can easily program currently – but it makes sense that that would help more players in different areas!

not quoted that very well but it is in here

Facts, only way you would ever have a chance to actually be competitive.

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I don’t think I would last long enough to find out they existed if I’d started now. Everything would seem so far off that I doubt I would log in a second time

understand people … Scopely don´t care about this …
this kind of topic have been discussed more than 3 months and the milestone just went from 1.25m to 2m … so you guys still thinking they are caring about new pleyer?? they don´t even care about old player …

Scopely like new player, because to get those milestone, you need to pay more, buy more trainers, do 10 or 40 pull for 6* because you are low in resources…
in another hand … if you don´t have 6*, it is impossible to get that milestone … IMPOSSIBLE … !!

My recommendation for all new player —> go to play another game and don´t waste your time and money in this game !!


How about Scopely’s lower’s the milestones back down to where they were originally. That seemed to be working out for everyone. Then maybe your player base would be happier. Right now the milestones are at 150,000xp - 2,000,000xp. Not a good idea…

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The mile stones went crazy on the Dwight event and seemed to hold steady.

New players will never even reach the first milestone.

I was extremely disappointed in the Dwight shirt barb wire event when I saw all the milestones start at 150k and pretty much stopped even trying.

So yes I totally agree. It’s like over night gas prices go up 800% for no reason and stay that high. Why even buy a car. Or drive one.

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The Tier idea is good. That’s what marvel puzzle quest did after a while. At each event, you pick how challenging you want it and the rewards are commensurate. Also, they let you see the rewards before committing so its not blind.