Somethin new i saw today that everyone should know

Scopley has a site on Yelp.

Someone ( not me ) has given them a review too just today!


REVIEW TIME! :grin: review time with many many many accounts lol

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That review is lol

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Briana has to be on the payroll


Yelp reviews mean nothing.

It is pointless. Unless there are a large number of reviews I ignore it. Too many illegitimate reviews everywhere.

Hope there will be more reviews soon.

Fs it cost less than a 40 pull to pay a “company” to give you over a hundred fake 5 star reviews go check out scopleys google reviews. I’d give them a 5 stars for 40 pull fs


Where do you get that because the repair shop i work at sure could use some great reviews?
People have left us bad reviews cause they did not have the guts to talk smack to our faces. Smh

They may have left you bad reviews cause idk maybe youre bad :thinking:

I know scopely thinks that way… “Why would anyone leave us bad reviews, we are amazing!” :rofl:

Me bad? Or the company bad? Or the mechanics bad?

Could you be less vague please since you know more than i do?

When it comes to auto repair, i have learned that everyone seems to be a better mechanic then the mechanic who they employ to fix their car because they do not know how to or have money to throw.


I have no idea about cars and im not the one who gave the bad reviews, what i am saying tho is they gave bad reviews for a reason, instead of taking it and being offended and thinking its cause people are afraid to say things to your face, take it as constructive criticism and read the bad reviews, improve yourself, the company, etc, see what you or others did wrong and can do better. Never said anything about the mechanics, maybe it was customer service, maybe it was the shop itself, all in all the goal is to learn from it and better yourself. If someone shows me a weakness of mine, guess what? I will improve that part of myself and return some day better, stronger, faster, smarter, etc, etc

Scopely needs to learn to do this, in fact many companies and people need to learn to do this lol

What if the complaints are in direct conflict with the company objectives and commercialization strategy?

And those complaining keep sticking around?

You can have a company mindset/goal that opposes the world/people and it can work out great! This game is a good example, they are still making lots of money off people but this can backfire, in buisness one of the best things for being successful is timing, timing of the product/service. Youtube for example was timed great. Imagine youtube starting up on AOL tho, would had failed. Also name/image is a big thing. Scopely has put a lot of people off touching anything else of theirs, im not playing looney tunes, not cause i dont like looney tunes, in fact the game looks good but i simply will not touch it cause scopelys name is on it. My cousin loves video games, sees me playing this one a lot, i told them no, dont even bother, a friend of mine loves walking dead and zombies as much as me, she wont play this game tho cause scopely.

They can continue to do the opposite and make money but in the long run this is a business tactic that fails as it is not sustainable

Idk. Seems alot of preaching but considering the gaming industry is rapidly adopting such models, might just be the way things are before long and then we can all look back and wonder… What the ehll ever happened to buying a finished product all up front…


Well, one guy said that after we repaired his brakes, he has to pull the handle on his door 1/4 inch more to open it…how did we affect the door if we repaired the brakes? He never ever mentioned it to us, just left a one star review. He never complained about the brakes at all.

Another guy needed a fuel pump…we already know that the chinese or mexican made fuel pumps are very very cheap but crazy unreliable. We even told him this and he agreed with us to install the stock fuel pump with the updated connector that never goes bad for a long long time. But he went to the internet and saw lower prices for chinese/mexican made garbage and immediately wrote a bad review saying we overcharged him for the part. He was hurting for money so we charged him our price too rather than mark it up.

My feeling…no good dead goes unpunished :frowning:

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Oh i wonder that now lol seems no games nowa days are finished, if only we could go back to the snes and sega days of the gaming industry with todays graphics and such of course lol

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True, no good deed goes unpunished. It is the way of the world it seems, be evil, lie, cheat, steal, backstab, etc seems to be the way to do things now

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Im a part time mechanic, and one time i said that if your such a good mechanic then why didnt you fix it? It seems they are in such good spirits till they get the bill. :rofl:

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