Someone's head needs to roll

When you play a game, you expect a level of competence and commitment for a fair playing environment. For this Scopley is consistently not living up to this.

Coins are universal across the different regions you may have an account in. Having a coin event, would be that each of these region accounts you could and are entitled to earning Coins from skulls. Just like you can get your Survivor Club Characters in each region. So you just need to put your time in a faction and earn those Skulls.

How hard is it to document a few things you can’t do because of the way you have things setup, and read through these before you RUSH to market events. Hey wait, we can’t give away coins in a faction event cause they would grow if a player plays in each region.

So how about you just show us you strive to be better and just FIRE that bone head, that didn’t think this event through rather than rubber stamping it without thinking. Just show us you care and fire the incompetence.


If they fired every bone head every time they f_cked up, there wouldn’t be anyone left


Is there anyone left?

Three developers and two community managers have been on here in the last 2 hours, so presumably yes

Unless it’s all the same person with multiple devices. One account on each device. Making it look like they’re doing some work to fix it…


I don’t agree you get enough coins to grow. Maybe in one or two regions, but not everywhere. Not by a long stretch.

Heads rolling? Is it because JB is French :thinking:


I don’t think they have anyone left who they can fire , most have gone to work on looney tunes and wwe since they make more money, and it looks like wdrts is left with the trainees and apprenticeship students …so bring on the next gate!!

This is neither new or old. We only put up with it because we love the game, but very much so hate the company. From top to bottom they suck.

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It’s time to create an account for all regions then and wait for the next screw up. By the track record of this company the odds are astronomical!

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Absolutely hit the nail on the head here pal.100% agree

I’m a get me knitting needles out. See if i’ll Have me a scarf if not a blanket by the end of the day…

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This truly is one dumbass bonehead company, and I think after skullgate the rts community smells blood, time to start poking and prodding every new event, see what bugs fall out the woodwork.

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Lol Ganni…ummm will msg u

With the amount of money they spent on commercials for Star trek game, maybe they could allocate some of the money to this game??
I’m shocked at the amount of times I’ve seen them in the last 24hrs, at least 15x. What’s crazy is they put them between baseball innings.

Never going to happen…the responsible person probably got a raise or promotion.

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