Someone snuck into our faction

Someone with 0 rep but 13 prestige just snuck into our faction when the faction was set on private. He wasn’t invited. I can’t kick him because of the faction event. Must be some form of cheating. Does this happen?! I want him out!! I contacted support

Maybe someone from your faction send invitation, even if is private, constables and up can invite with no restrictions…


I’m thinking maybe that was it but nobody said they did and the new person is not answering my msgs.

And they joined right after I said on gc that we had an opening

Hey who knows, give the guy a chance if he is good,maybe it’s just a 2nd account of a players with higher prestige starting fresh in a different region…


Yeah maybe. Makes me nervous. There’s so many weird things going on.

But I appreciate your feedback

Yup. Somebody in our faction just admitted that they invited her.

Not ideal that - not being told about an invite, but give it chance, you might find its a really good fit for everyone, if not, swing the axe and start again.

i’d kick the person who let her in. nobody does something in my faction without my permission.


Then why promoting them to the rank where they have such privilege? Keep all at runner status…

Edit: removed silly political reference. Sorry for derailing


it was meeeeeeee

I got.into ur acccpunt
sold some toons

Trust me know one will because they won’t want to be kicked for it.

He apologized and said he just innocently forgot to say anything and it wouldn’t happen again. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for now but I’ll be keeping my eye on him!

Sounds like that’s a good idea. Just hope he isn’t up to anything more nefarious.

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