Someone smoked a little too much

I looked at this then immediately the song “because I got high” started going through my brain

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Best rewards EVER…

They really out did themselves this time

They must have got into my stash again, it is harvest season here after all and ive been growing dank star wars strains, prob got some of my skywalker og, it will make ya all kinds of funny

Too bad they didn’t make the mistake on the other end, where 11000 replenish gets you pete

Naaah, I think that would have been worse, as they would have rolled it back and with their flair for errors, taking away some collectibles awarded correctly in the process. :sweat_smile:

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Last time something like that happened i got dale for crafting 2 deluxe replenish :grin:

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Got the same thing. 1st time the entire event… never noticed that was a thing.

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