Someone Quick! Please Help Me! Find This Song


I need help! Finding this song…

I heard it today and now I really need to find it.

#1 - Sounded like an 80’s song and there’s a part that sounds like EDM-ish. Sounds 60% similar to this part in this song from 1:05 - 1:12 but imagine a little less upbeat and a lot slower towards the end of the repeating melody. I suck at explaining this so I’ll try my best. It’s like the melody goes |||| | | |

#2 - There’s a line using the word “truth” or “lie”.

#3 - There’s something in there about the word “Summer” and it’s followed by another word(like Summer ______. I think “Summer” might be one of the words in the name of the song. Or maybe Summer isn’t one of the words used…

#4 - I think it’s a popular 80’s song.

#5 - Female vocals

Please save me from not knowing. Good luck on your journey hero.


“Cruel Summer” by Bananarama? That’s pretty similar, and from the 80s.


Oh that is the worst. Especially when it takes years to come across again.


Wow you’re amazing, thought no one would be able to help me find it!