Someone please help me get ubanned

Guys pls help me, i’m progressing in the game and i would like to show off, but i got report bombed,some of my friends told me these e guys did it and now everything i type is a #

Either it is broken, or you deserved it.

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I did nothing bad though, they just report bombed me, i had to wait 24 hours and after that, everything i typed was still hastags including hello and ok, i have been using my username to talk ffs

One # for yes two ## for no your welcome lol

The faction chat and global chat should be separate. Trolls dont usually troll there own factions. A faction can kick u out but global cant. I alway found the block button worked better anyway.
Heres the thing if you did nothing wrong there will be no screen shots that were sent to support by offended partys or complaints written out for reasons to ban you. If you spammed chat with banned works or trolled theyl no lol

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You have to message in game support to have that lifted. Same thing happened to me for repeatedly trying to tell my faction mate his Carl popped Rd 2. The 24hr ban is followed with the continued ban of ### with everything you type. Only way to remove that is support.

Thank you so much man, this was actually a helpful reply

An awful lot of people must have reported you. Or you were using words the bot didn’t like.

We never hear from the ppl who don’t get banned, despite being unpleasant or using swear words all the time. Funny that…