Someone please help! Is this a bug?

Ok, so I swapped weapon traits on Priya for a double attack just to test it. I have since swapped it back. But now, when I go in to do an arena attack, it’s like her previously perfect weapon has gone back to base stats with nothing done to it.

This makes no sense to me how this happened, but it did…anyone else have any experience with this? Have this issue?

Please help, thanks in advance!

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Anyone else who might have some insight…:man_shrugging:t3:


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I have screen recording but it doesn’t want to seem to upload…I’ll get ss from it.

It’s a bug. Remove her from the team and re-add without touching the weapon. This usually fixes it for me. Sometimes I need to rebuild the entire team. Only ‘save’ once the correct stats are shown. It happens a lot with Pyria and Pete.


Except it’s in arena, so that’s not possible since I’ve already attacked…awesome.

Thanks for the tip though, I appreciate it!

I’ve had no issues in this matter but if you think it’s a bug contact support.

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Ya, may not be able to switch in arena. Try just spam-changing the weapons but the only method that reliably works for me is to remove and re-add the toon.

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If it happens in arenas, it will let you reorganize the team, just like you said, close them out, put the team back how you had it, and it DID reset the weapon to her modified stats.

Thanks for the help!:+1:t3:

I haven’t seen this one, but I did have the weapon stats and leader skill stop counting after briefly equipping a different 5 star weapon on Priya. It took several reboots of the game to get it to correct. Removing her from the team, etc. didn’t help.

i had the same error, contacted support and theyre looking into it. every time i set up my team i do it manually. when in the arena main screen i tap on my james and he doesnt appear with the basic weapon, then usually its good.


To upload a video here you have to upload it to YouTube first then it will let you link it.

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