Someone keeps transferring my account 😡

I don’t understand how someone keeps recovering my account that is linked to my Facebook… somehow they keep transferring it over when I contact scopley they load it onto my device a few hours later I get a message… your account has been transferred when I hit switch back it doesn’t load it back on help please :cold_sweat:

This has happened to me a few times in the past. Do you use Amazon app store?
As my issue was caused by having 2 versions of the game installed on the same device.

No I think someone got into my fb and deleted my game on fb I had a weird device logged into my fb i Removed that device but somehow it’s still able to transfer my account

I think what the hacker did was unlink my fb progress and linked it to his that’s the only possible way he can be doing this I don’t know if I can link it to my Facebook after he linked it to his :rage: scopley loads my game next thing you know my account is gone

It’s super frustrating can’t even play because the account is gone quickly then have to wait hours for them to re load the game back to my device

If you had your game on another device before it would be easy for someone to log in with it

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