Someone in the same position? Too much trainers no characters worth level up?

For me I have get to a point where I don’t compete anymore or do roadmaps as the only rewards are trained and some things along the line, but I don’t find the point on keep doing it as there has been a long time since I have a room worth level up.

And I mean right now if you have to fight against all this over powered new toons what’s the point of level up a character with nothing special on him?

The premiere characters are outdated again and with those really really really slim chances of getting a good character I just don’t find it worth it, just as the road maps and any other tournament, someone feels the same? Is there a way for scopelly to fix this without giving things for free, as they just seem to hate this

Maybe some kind of new rewards?

Just throw some ideas, cause from the way it is there have been months since I just do the minimal score to keep hoarding this trainers I just don’t know where to use in, so will be interesting to hear suggestions to make this game interesting again.


all my characters are maxed out because i gots no GEAR


Better rewards? More mediocre characters to level up to get mediocre rewards to get more mediocre characters to get more mediocre rewards haha and the there are the overpowered teams

Just quit then

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