If you have the S-Class Priya it doesnt count…

It’s the 6* and in the bar above her is showing 0 red velvet cakes too

Maybe its a bug… try to contact support in order to see if they will release a fix for that collection…


Your Priya is facing the wrong way. Bad luck Sir. Working as intended.


LOL :rofl:

This the biggest F up those programmers of Scopely did.

In the name of the sanity FIX THIS!!!

theres nothing wrong with s class priya, as the collection is asking for 6* blue priya, not her s class. thats an issue with the devs themselves that made the collections, unlike the collection straight up not registering cakes and the correct priya

Mine is 6* dude

Only American Priyas are allowed.

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I think its because you have vet rings on her

Technically they are all 6s since they didn’t want to call them 7s they just slapped an S on them with the stat buff.

i dont see vet rings on the op’s priya, but i’m fairly certain this same issue happened with a prior set of red cake collections, where it simply didn’t register the cakes and/or toons even if you had enough to collect it, no idea if that was ever even dealt with but it certainly won’t be until the weekend is over (never)

Good catch, i forgot which Priya was his off memory

Try to restart the game ,delete and reinstall .

It not even count the cakes so wonder whats wrong, mail support

Dude - you have to contact support, this is not right.

You surely mean South American Priya I suppose?

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