Somehow my account was unlinked


I was trying to help a friend out by logging into hit account, I’ve done it before, many of times. This time however when I tried to switch back to my own account it went to an account that was used to install the game months ago and not my main account. It’s been unlinked somehow. I have screenshots of the account number, and also screenshots of my most recent purchases which was just an hour or two ago. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I’m in the middle of the SR event and trying to stay in the top 10 so I need access back now


File a support ticket. They’ll ask for that proof. It’s rumored they will fix it if you have that proof.


I already did that. Before the 14.0 update their was never an “unlink” option. I used to be able to log into my friends account with his Facebook information, and the. Switch back using my own. I have done it many times. Now it seems like it will unlink my account from Facebook and then no access to my account once I switch


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