Somehow matchmaking has gotten worse (updated)

I really want to be excited for war, I do! My faction is decent in teams and activity but we have been constantly matched against top 3 factions. Without fail we are put up against 1, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, you get the idea. I have heard all the excuses such as they are active and cue constantly… bla bla, I don’t buy it. Based on the matchmaking one would conclude that our highly active region only has 4 factions. It is clear to me that we are just being fed to pay to win factions for the purpose of padding their scores.

Anyone else see this trend?


If your a rank 4 faction I will laugh but yes the match making is no where near even nor requires any skill to play.

Everyone attacks the lowest level player then jus goes AFK due to no actual hope of winning.

Maybe the 6v6 is to get more on but if the pool is so small then it’s unlikely to stimulate anything.

If rank 4, I would laugh as well. We are top 10 usually. Used to be we would get 50% unwinnable, 25 pretty easy wins, and 25% close matches that could go either way. In a perfect world, should get 50/50 split above and below ranking matches. We all know that matchmaking is slanted to those that pay, much research on rigged AAA games has shown that recently.

In addition, many of the times we matched with unwinnable wars has been less than 10 min search times, so does not seem the matchmaker is even trying to find a comparable faction to battle.

Don’t want to sound like a rant, just an observation that many have come to realize: war is not about competition, but about feeding weaker factions to top factions.

Suggestion for improvement: Limit the number of times matchmaker pairs the same factions against each other. Say once per hour or two. I would gladly wait a little longer for a match to see a different faction to fight.


Another way to fix it would be weighting scores based on past performances against a fac. Got a ten match losing atreak but catch em afk and win? Add a point multiplier. But like anything it could probably be exploited or just outright broken so probably not

Not a bad idea on that one, Shadax. Even if your idea was abused, would make for cool catch up strategies. Anything to push the matchmaking closer to even. I have been playing for a long time and some of the factions on the server, that I know war due to scores on leader board, have never warred against. If number 8 can get paired against number 1, then why has number 8 never been paired against 15? Should work both ways.

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Seems the same here. Not sure if it’s another trapping of 6v6, but yeah

2/3 of the matches we’ve had in Chattahoochee has been against the number 1 faction. We took 4th last regular war, in 9th so far cause we keep getting them back to back. This matchmaking system is beyond broken.


Are you guys really shocked you are getting matched more with active factions and less with casual factions?

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Thats what it sounds like to me

Why we still have normal wars when we have CRW for a bigger pool just makes no sense. If you want jacked up pools (smaller) then sure have a region only war.

When a MM fails there needs to be scaling for weaker players on both teams. I will leave it very vague such as I feel if I give any more details to what I am thinking I will be crucified for that specific thought and the idea of scaling in general will be over looked. Based on how much scaling will dictate how much damage you do to a player when you win and also dictates how many points you get.

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Completely off topic but…

Your name made me hungry :grin:

We are #1 and have been matched with rank #5-15 factions this war. Its pretty soul destroying for them :frowning:


Exactly what Trolly said. “Why do we have faction specific war when we have CRW.”

It is outdated and redundant. Everyone knows who is going to win. We all fighting over scraps. CRW has flavor and new friends to be made.

Update on matchmaking: vs !, !, 3, 4 (win against 8 vs 4)

Tully right as well. When we get matched like that, I tell my team to put up crap teams to point block. Some may say that is rude and I would agree but have no other options at that point.

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Yes I did Notice this when I was in top faction and it seemed totally unfair.Most of the time it was over in a few minutes so we kept queing and getting newer teams.This started to become a grind and less fun.

It’s like when matchmaking goes wrong. I know people do not want to play the same fight over and over. I get that.

A timer in the matchmaker is a good solution: institute a match-up timer. One team cannot fight the same team back to back. I would even propose a ranked timer. if your team has been in 1-5 territory for some matches, then you get a break. Would allow factions to let lower players get some.

Just played a few more and got number 1 twice, but we got a low match and won that.

In my region were fighting the same fac’s 3-6× in a row. This needs fixed. We’re all tired of fighting wars like this.

Well, woke up ready to war and despite the horrid matchmaking my faction is putting in the work and bumped us up a couple spots. First match, against rank 1.

I have noticed something though. It seems the higher ranked we are, the more diversity of match ups we see. When we were 8 got nothing but top 5. Now we see lower factions. Might just be more people playing today so more to pick from.

Literally the same. In 9th because of terrible matches.

Though we didn’t get 4th last time, and our “top” faction is mostly cheaters.

@Agrajag, you were really informative about drops, drop chances, ideal farming locations, etc, do you have any info to share on the matchmaking in this war? It seemed better and more balanced in the recent past.


We keep getting top 5 (we are ranked 20th), actually we had to war to get points, can’t even troll properly. It seems that “range” of teams increased.

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