Some updated info on chihuahuas collection, Arena and Mesh bugs

Taken from Bane’s comeback and PC announcement thread.

EDIT- Mesh 100k error is resolved now.


Thanks mate :wink:

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Gasp I’m in a screenshot.
I’m famous.
Free coins for me now please Scopely

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Enjoy your 15mins of fame, good Sir :laughing:

Thanks! Why can’t someone from Scopely post that here?

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Idk man! that should have been done though, a pinned post would have saved people a lot of trouble.

I hope simplifying forums communication is in the PC’s agenda. In general forums comms during the time of crisis has been lacklustre. It was promised since PU yet the change has not been great.

You’ll probably be able to convert them into supply depot points lol.

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Making players play for rewards that are then taken away. Smh.

A later date is funny too. I’ll take S Class Priya now and pay you guys at a later date.


Or you could always buy her now and do what they did to andrea, rollback your purchases :joy:

Another 9 pulls, another 7 lots of chihuahuas on top of the 52k I already had . Piss poor designed event. You should stop gaining chihuahuas beyond 20k when you can’t use any more. I’ve got nearly 60k of them now. Some update on what your doing about this scopely please?

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They’ve had many events where there are overflow museum collections… Very motivating.

Guess that was too much inventory leakage than they were comfortable with

They should be usable in the future events

We should be able to exchange chiuahuas straight across for blue keys. :joy:

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