Some thoughts on the current gear map w/ poll

It looks like the old farmable gear map is part of the games history so I would like to come up with some ways we can improve upon the new gear map as a community. Here are some of my thoughts. Check off the ones you think would help make it easier for all of us to get the necessary gear.

  • Remove the 1st section. It’s redundant. We have the silver walkies to get this gear.
  • Lower the cost to run each stage to 10 or 12. Sure anyone over 100 can run it daily for free but what about the majority of the players. Expecting people to spend world cans to get necessary gear is a terrible practice.
  • Let people select the stage for the one or two items as needed for those of us without time or world energy to run the entire map
  • Run it 7 days a week. Give people more chances to get the gear.

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These are purely of my opinion but I do think that these changes would go a long way to helping out the players. Feel free to agree or disagree and make suggestions of your own but lets keep it civil and positive. We all want the same thing. A better game.

Edit : Early feedback shows that most would like the 1st section gone. Only half want it to run the entire week. Only half want to be able to chose a stage and not have to do it in its entirety. And most people want to use more energy to run a stage. This one I personally find strange. Thanks for the feedback. Post why you like or dislike an idea and add your own. I am interested to see what other people come up with.

Sounds good to me. We can all use more weapons and Lilliths for sure.

I would like a merger of the best parts of the old map with the best parts of the new one. Use the suggestions I presented with the ability to farm any stage at any time and I think we would all be happy except for Scopely. It undercuts what they are trying to do and that is sell gear bundles.

Thought I’d post this so if scopley see this post they can see feedback people wanted old gear map back over gear depot,Gear poll, map or depot?
What would you prefer

  • Implement all changes in Op
  • Bring back old gear map on a minimum of a monthly basis

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Cool. I would also add this to the mix and see how we all feel about this as a option as well.

  • Bring back the old map with it’s random limited availability and 24 cost per stage
  • Use the new map with the ability to farm each stage as necessary

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The last one is an obvious choice, honestly if they just made this map farmable there would be no problems with gear as long as it wasn’t that bloody random bag

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Agreed what we want is the ability to farm, and they can still make money from selling cans.

We would all love for this to happen. I think we all know its never gonna happen sadly. They are gonna see how we all react to being starved for gear. Will we cave and purchase deals, will we walk away from the game, or will we suck it up and continue to slowly grind out for scraps.

Without a doubt this is garbage.

Don’t like any of the choices…or make all of the above an option.

I prefer the old farmable format… Make it daily like this one… Lower the energy Cost for each stage, MORE SURVIVORS should drop and more other basic gear should drop.

Assume the old map is off the table since it is off the table.

Having to deal with the current map is reality so that being the case how do we improve upon it.

Make it farmable

I don’t identify with any of the options above. Scopely screwed up something that wasn’t broken. This new map is nothing but a disgrace. No need to try fix something that is flawed in its concept.

just bring back the old gear map.

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They have not and made no indication that they ever will. So what is the point in asking for something that will not happen.

My points are extremely easy to understand. You just are having trouble accepting that the old map is gone. I would disagree with you completely regarding the old map.

  1. It was random. No idea if and when it would happen.
  2. Beanies, Flaks, Bags, and Walkies were subject to rng after the 1st set.
  3. It cost 24 to run a stage

The new map is superior in every way with one major exception. It’s not farmable. Scopely clearly does not want to give us a farmable map so again we need to deal with what we have in the game at this moment. That being reality how would making it available every day be worse? How would lowering the current cost be worse? How would removing the 1st section be worse? How would being able to choose the stage instead of running the entire map be worse? The answer is simple. None of these make it worse they would all be small improvements to the current map.

This statement is like saying „Well we had a huge loss on the dollars but we did rather well with the cents“

I was never short on gear with the old maps. Now I’m constantly lacking secondary gear such as alpenstocks, maps, goggles, etc.

A lot of long time players were mad with how the 6 stars made their 5 stars obsolete. If we keep asking for Scopely to remove them do you think that will happen? The answer is no. It’s done and we need to deal with it.

It’s not about which map we prefer it’s about what is in the game right now. They will not bring the old map back. This is a fact as of right now. They have ignored every single post regarding the old map. This is a fact as of now. So deal with the situation and learn to move on. Not everything in life is fair or right or how we want it to be.

You still have not acknowledged if the suggestions made were beneficial and not detrimental to the game as it stands right now.

Wasn’t a fan at first but the new maps have grown on me since they now remove my chronic food shortage.

How do you know it’s a fact? You dont. All comments @kalishane made on this topic were like I take it to the team acknowledging that this is something players are unhappy about.

You have moved on. Good for you. But don’t make claims about facts you don’t have any proof for other than your own theory which you sell as the only reality.

Yeah food is always a problem. The amount needed to level is insane. The real truth is if we didn’t have 14 level ups every week we wouldn’t need all this stupid gear just to level toons we don’t care about just to score points so we can get some prize.

As soon as we get an official response I am fine with the decision they make and will adjust acordingly but since there is ZERO response to every single time the old gear map gets brough up thus far I don’t need a magic 8 ball to tell me the following


Fair enough.

But it hasn’t been zero. There are „taking it to the team responses“ as well as pm communication with kalishane where she says she brings up the topic regularly. Not that this means anything good will happen anytime soon. Certainly not.

However, giving out beanies, bags etc. in abundance while starving the players on secondary gear is just stupid. It devalues primary gear and makes everybody upset.