Some things for PC to bring up

Milestones -
Increase amount of torchs in milestones
Increase in league tokens in milestones
Increase amount of vet rings and tickets in arena milestones
Increase in ascend medals

League store -
S-Class is what you need, 6* is over. Add s-class items to the toons section, items for Pete, Priya, Lao Po, Raulito, etc.
Add world, raid, territory, war energy
Add Burt, Brady, Basil, Benedict, Lilth, Ulysses
Add shirts and gloves, THIS IS 1* GEAR!
Decrease cost in league tokens across the board
Add ascend medals
Add diamond section

Supply depot -
Add shirts and gloves to gear depot, THIS IS 1* GEAR!
Add S-class items to depot somewhere
Add legandary gear in large amounts to gear depot
Add an armory depot, get duct tape, polish kits, varnish, etc and get armory tokens
I like that idea in having plat mods with the set but we also need a decrease in that cost
Increase amount of ascend medals in sr depot
Add ascend medals to gear depot

Roadmaps -
Shirts and gloves need to come in much larger amounts, THIS IS 1* GEAR! :angry:
Trainers with Benedict’s, Lilths, Ulysess in survivors map
A much larger amount of ascend medals in the roadmap
New gear map with legendary gear
Energy roadmap, get world, raid, territory, war, sr, horde energy
Do something with the radio roadmaps already! Plat mods, armory tokens, legendary gear, ascend medals, s-class items, these are things we need, not ammo belts.

Give s-class it’s own section/tab, add an s-class items trade in.
Give SC it’s own section/tab.
Add more collections to Museum
Do something with the velvet cakes! Most cant ever use them.
Add a way to use museum points to buy things from the muesum, plat mods, energy, trainers, gear, asecend medals, etc

@LadyGeek @Parker @Conquest @Brucey @GR.Scopely


If all of these were implemented, the game would be a significantly better experience for the player base.
Fed up of this 4 star economy.


No one:


While all good ideas it won’t be brought up because it helps F2P too much and the PC ain’t about that life.

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Scopely doesn’t give a rat’s fart about f2p. PC seem to at least attempt to go to bat for the entire player base - f2p included.


Revamp scavenger camps. Start again if need be.

Also, review leagues/arenas. They do not work as intended.

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*Flashes F2P Pass*


The only things that aren’t outdated in game are the new Promo toons and they have a short shelf life🤗

I love that everyone puts these long drawn out list of changes that need to be done but never realize theman hours and money it would cost them to do. Hey guys I’ll sum it up for you really clearly THEY DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK. They are gonna run the game the wat they want and PC should realize they are wasting their time being Scopelys human shield

Ooooooooh. Maybe they can make an s class toon called “the councilman” that’s a human shield. :grimacing:


Because clearly, what the game needs right now is power creep on a scale we’ve never seen before.

With the attachement “skapegoat”.

League S toon its one good idea

They can start with enabling us to swap 5s tokens for S cards… 30k 5s for 1k cards

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this would be awesome I have over 2mil 5* tokens

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