Some sr stages are hard for lower level players

Well that is normal. I use to be like that before. Use 3 or 4* toons to clear it before use your main. It will cost some energy though

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Pro tip above.

When it’s a crazy amount of walkers, load two star toons with high Crit weapons to do most of the work. The revive tokens are plentiful and they are cheaper toons to replace than 5 or 6* toons.

Takes longer, but cheaper in the long run.

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If you have a double guardian toon, it helps a lot.

I’m not sure how long you’ve been playing for but when I first started it probably took me 6 months to finally beat a SR tournament. Sure the teams were easier then than now since the update but 5* were also a lot more scarce. Now that we have 6*s and Gen2s and S Class, you got a lot more options, not just in toons but in specialist skills, abilities, active skills.

But I mean on this stage in particular, use trainers or 2* toons with high crit weapons. Craft 5 of each trait weapon that has a base of 30 crit and use special trait Slayer level 1 as a start. And in these ones in particular if you are having trouble against the walkers with high crit resist, use reflect damage weapons. Whittle down a lot of the other walkers, and then reflect damage on the special one. This may take some time and burn through a lot of fodder but it will save your important toons for other stages.


I finally powered through it but I’m stuck now at legendary state 15 but I did pretty good I think


I always send 3-4* in to weaken it down. Put good weapons on them and burn through them then bring your good teams in .that’s a major key if your lower level. It helped me immensely. These guys have you some truly good advise! It gets easier as you build your teams. It took me a while too. And good job.

Good advise!!! Yes!