Some serious questions here

  1. zombies are trying to re-integrate into society, thus need a leader or boss to represent their views, culture and fight for equal rights.

  2. The fish symbolises that there is something fishy with this game.
    As we all already know.


No Carl ate all the dog food

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Nah there is dynamite fishing in that game seems a bit far fetched but it’s great fun with the wacky physics.

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My question is how are walkers zombies.

You’ve made this American laugh…

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Laughing… Thanks.

Great thread! :+1:

  1. it’s a game
  2. who the hell knows?
    I mean marlon might get off on the smell of fish. As long as he’s been packing them they have to be pretty ripe by now. But by that logic, why does the gov pack penny around in his back pack? Why does negan carry a walker head around with him? Why does a tiger pack a gun? And where does she store it?

No but I’ve been attacked by a fish… Does that count?

Jealous, I want that rifle lol

I have that gun! It’s amazing

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