Some regions don't have war?

Why does some regional like Miller not have blitz war? We have a dual level up and raid going on.

You went from a buggy survival road to blitz war and then making it only available to some regions while the rest have to be okay with raids and level up. Barf



Thank you =( these unending level ups are sipping me dry. Fortunately the new Bruce roadmap looks good. Great prizes

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No some regions got yet another level up and solo raid. Been asking @kalishane for an explanation all day but to no avail, Blitz should be for everyone.

DevTracker shows shes been online in last half hour as well

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Would love some input to this from someone official @kalishane @thewalkerdude

Probably not going to get an update. Raw dogged again…

Nice pic Krypt

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Those regions are lucky. We got another Blitz War and I’m certain I didn’t see the rewards even though we placed.