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Looks like everything is cool…

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Take-two was a good publisher as far as i remember. And i wouldnt be surprised with the new s class system they found a way to make more money and make up for the loss that PU has brought

I Googled. This info seems to be from June 2018

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I mean people from that list are no fools and if they are still investing in Scopely they defo not losing money with them.

Even Arnold Shwarzenegger is one of their investors as well. Lol

Now compare missing a “payday” to one these guys and upsetting several thousand f2p’s because “this game is focused only on the whales”.

So yeah. Business as usual.

Yup. But NINEFOLD over the past nine quarters - that’s impressive!

305 till I die lol. That’s old news bro

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Yea this is older bc they crossed the 1 billion mark this year and have even more known investors

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why single out old white men here? any specific reason


Gotta inject race into everything… Besides, last time I checked Kobe Briant was not white, but maybe he is identifying that way since he is rich now?

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Is Arnold known for his income investing savvy?

You know it! He did wonders with the California economy as the “Governator.”

Title should say “some really old info” @jkz305

Hmmm…I wonder how much spending I could inspire if I played the game. Thought the scopely investor/ YouTube content creator

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