Some people left ..... Aauuuuw!

Bye Bye they said

It is awwwwww…not auwwww.


He’s probably just British and feels a need to add the letter U to every third word unnecessarily.


Ha ha hau ha ha hau … it can be even aiiiiuuuw if i want

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Fact is even the spenders are leaving ha ha hau

Good, it is the only way to get scopely to change anything, make anything worth a damn, etc

Its the gamers that are complacent that is the issue, once the data shows lower profits scopely will be like :open_mouth: and make some positive changes and stop screwing us every chance they get

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Events are trash lately so something like this didnt make people to quit on game i dont what it would be.

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yes fancy those english people spelling the words in their native tongue correctly :stuck_out_tongue:


Or be lazy like Americans and don’t spell correctly


damn them British … someone should move away from them and colonise a new country just so they can adopt a less educated manner … what what …


So what’s the point of this thread???

are you throwing shade on a team of players who probably just had enough of the game and quit or its against Scopely for the way they are handling their game???

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haha yes and then drink coffee instead of tea. It just doesnt go with crumpets and sandwiches does it.

Carry on old chap lol

I really don’t like how Scopes have made war a p2p event, you’re rewarded nothing of use for your time without spending unless you’re in the top bracket of factions, who don’t need any of those toons anyway.

Please, please @JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely make the first stash easily completable for the majority of factions so that their time is worthwhile. Making war a pay to play event is the worst idea ever.


also dont like how rewards are now a stash, and the reward you get is RNG based.

Yeah ive grafted my ass off all weekend to get alpha wooo hooo

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one can only hope old boy one can only hope

Pretty much the same with the other wheel promos, its good for getting an ascendable ill give it that for once … but as i said on another thread, everytime they bring something new to the table, the next time they decrease it to more and more crap

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Actually i am from Thailand trying to improve my English
No shade on the players just to show scumply that players get fed up with their *******

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no worries man, i just didnt know if these guys were cheaters, or players who usually get 1st but lost hard in CRW or something

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what region were they from ? if they were banned wouldnt their accounts be gone and not just “not in a faction”