Some of the things that irk me!

I like the game, I preferred it more the way it was the first 6 months, but adapted and succeeded.
I got really happy then irked beyond words, when we got armory it was bugged from the start with exploits, but as bad as that was, it would screw some people with giving wrong things\nothing when disassembling, old players with old weapons in high amounts got it the worst. They “forgot” to include them in the code, basically if you had 2 of the same weapon one old, one after New coding you got shafted on the old ones.
Then after denials they put out a statement saying they found the error, don’t disassemble weapons, till fixed. Month or more goes by they say it’s fixed go at it. Well low and behold it was still broken, this time though no fix after saying they would, also ignored from that point on, so thousands of 4* weapons wasted! No compensation either!
Then other things I won’t go into mods added, thousand dollar characters bought made worthless with reset, dozens maybe hundred other things.
Now my biggest most disliked irk, is the game becoming so boring, unable to play paywall events that it is so stale, I come to forums more then play!
If it is like this for me it is probably why there is less and less active in regions, except they don’t her they go elsewhere losing the love for the game.
Please change back to good ole days with things. Make it fun and playable again.

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