Some of the issues I see with the game


I will just go through each area of the game as follows, not in importance just as I’ve read from faction mates and my thoughts.

World Map: Expand on the levels past 23 and allow for elite rare gear to drop within the upper levels as 4 star toons are the new 3 stars.

Town: A town expansion needs to be done with more farms, houses, training grounds, another armory and a way to convert spare wood to food.

Museum: Make the points usable in some way, this was supposed to have been implemented quite a while ago. There could be 6 star gear, war cans, territory cans, possibly toons to complete collections, etc.

Supply Depot: Refresh should happen everyday, new toons and a lower price on those toons as 5 star toons (for the most) have been made unuseable except for survival road.

War: Rewards need a severe re-work, there is no incentive to compete for horrible prizes. I know you are concerned with the Meta but why should everyone have the same teams? If everyone is meant to have the same of everything then maybe they should go play CandyCrush.

Level up tournaments: Milestones are ridiculous unless the following happens; maps for ascendance medals (gold and silver), maps for 6 star gear and milestones reworked to follow the escalation of the milestones. Maps were supposed to be released weekly and we have yet to see any.

Miscellaneous: Many players are still having issues with “you got lucky” showing up on a regular basis, players feeling as if their hard worked and earned rosters have been rendered useless, no release of previous 5 stars to ascension and the same issues of hackers ruining regions.

We as players feel like we are constantly the guinea pigs with no concern except for the quarterly profits. Too many things have been promised yet they rarely happen. I’ve been playing the game for 2 years now, prestige 13, and constantly have faction mates having to take breaks due to their frustrations of the game.

Please feel free to comment as I have left this somewhat short.