Some maths 4 the new events

We have 16 days to get tires and steering wheels to collect sandy, bruce, sophia or beta, most will be getting bruce or sandy. Bruce and sandy need 25 steering wheels and 20570 tires.

Crusin roadmap comes every 8 hours which will give 3 steering wheels and 108 tires a day, this map uses normal world energy.

The other 2 roadmaps cost batteries to do which can be had from level ups :roll_eyes: also a red key is needed to open one of the roadmaps. The easier roadmap can get you 556 tires and the harder roadmap can get you 1099 tires a day. If you do crusin 3 times a day you can get 665 tires or 1207 tires a day from roadmaps, tires also can be found in raids.

Now lets assume you hit each milestone and each roadmap perfectly and just based on roadmaps thats either 10624 tires or 19312 tires and 48 steering wheels from just roadmaps.

Now to be real, not everyone will hit each milestone, esp in level up, we have been drained of gear and toons from level ups, esp with this eric event (sneaky sneaky scopely!) We can also get batterys in sr but this is gonna be a grinder, can be fun and really needed toons but level ups have killed me! Also the roadmaps can be difficult for some to do.

Some more maths is needed but we need batterys from other sources and good drop rates on wheels in raids and to hit these roadmaps without fail to claim bruce or sandy.

Can anyone post the raodmap teams and whats the highest drop of tires in raids you have got? Ive only got 3 tires out of about 5 cans each raid :frowning_face:


Tires drop in raids + I’m happy to see they are selling starter pack which gives 4 red keys so can gain these characters if you choose to pay IMG_4852


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The whole point here is to not pay lol


Roadrage -> tires + 1 wheel (/58WE)
Lvlup -> key+batteries
Roadmaps --> tires (main source)

Batteries:tires 1:1 on road rage maps
10,624 tires or 19,312 tires and 48 steering wheels from just roadmaps.
Raids dropping tires 3-5 tires /

SLUT batteries - 95+177+274+636 = 1,182 /
Per 1.25mil LU pts

Bruce/sandy require 25 W & 20.6 T
Others 20W + 10.2T

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It’s 15 days… day 16 there will be no roadmaps and no raid drops. They give 24 hours to claim collections


ive got 8 from raids


From raids I’ve seen between 3 and 8, I have yet to raid without tires dropping.

Thanks for the Math class!

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so how many batteries will give how many tires in the horse power and the road rage roadmap? ill check it later on but dont have time now. just curious what roadmap to do.

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I had 10 once


It’s 1 to 1. Eg 3 batteries gives u 3 tyres if u finish it successfully

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The thing about it though is the toons you get as rewards are not worth the energy fans you have to spend. It’s 58 cans per roadmap every three hours. That’s a waste IMO

Every 3 hours? 58 cans?

Quite sure it was 8 hours, 58 world energy. But this might mean less roadmaps.


So you just have to be really active to get bruce or sandy, and pay to get both. Seems very reasonable to me.


Looks like you have to ensure you complete the harder roadmap every day to secure a Bruce or Sandy which can be quite tough. Hopefully they can give out some decent amount of tiers rewards in crw.


Terrible event, this and the other new flash map prove this game is now pay to play.


Yep. More spending, typical scopley.


Looks like the typical scopely p2p bs to me and who the hell wants rewards that are for nrg for road maps, its basically 2 weeks of busting your ass to bust your ass and most likely get nothing unless you pay in as well…bout time scopely gets tf outta gaming altogether cuz they’re a disgrace to the gaming community and have no customer appreciation at all, no way of farming coins yet putting up coin based road maps now lmao smmfh


You sure love busting asses.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)