Some Ideas To Come After Some Character Wishes


Since there’s still No Update for the Ascendance List or 4* Wheel, I had
another Idea to give out some characters people want, for other
reasons, not there usefullness, like 4* Allen for me.

Idea 1: Make Offers

There are alot of offers this days, but most of the time, all of them are bad, which
isen’t necessary. Why aren’t we can get offers with character. With that I mean,
Coin Offers (Everything else would be ridicoulus)

Example: Special Character Offer - Green Strength
Contains: 4* Allen and 4* Axel
Price: 500 Coins

Idea 2: Special Roadmaps/ Roadmap Recycling

Another Idea would be to make special roadmaps for the characters.
This could be a big Map, with a bunch of 3* and 4* who are aviable
and a Good at the End or a recyling of a Character story.

Example: Axel’s Mission
Price: 4* Axel

Idea 3: Next Months Event

Another Idea for this characters would be to include them into the next Event, as
a replacment for some Basils, so the people who don’t want them, still get fooder.

This are just some Ideas, I wish this weren’t necessary. But it’s so depressing to
know that I will probalbly never complete my wishlist, because some characters
are just vanished.



So, everyone’s happy with the current characters and don’t want any kind of changes?


This sounds like a good idea.

One could also replace some of the Benedicts in milestones with 5*characters that are needed for museums collections but don’t have any other use. Specifically characters you don’t get anymore such as fast Angela, alert Negan or fast Andrea.


That’s also a good Idea, especially because I
think nobody uses Benedicts to level there
Characters anymore.