Some ideas for new walkers

So with the new update rolling around later this month i thought we could get some new walkers to fight instead of a new way to monetize the game. Road maps in general are pretty boring while farming since its you can auto most of them. I put together some new interesting walkers that could be put in the game to spice things up.

Spiky walker: If a melee teammate attacks this walker take 400 bleed for 2 turns.
Armored spiky walker: Cannot be crited by melee bonus def against melee characters and melee characters receive 400 bleed for 2 turns.
Infected 4* sniper walker: Guaranteed drop of 4* sniper weapons
infected 4* Army personal: Guaranteed drop for 4* automatic rifles
Nail bomb walker: Explodes when shot. Explosive range of 4x4 square and stuns and maims teammates in range. bleeds for 400 and deals 400 maim damage
chemical bomb walker: Explodes when shot. Deals a new effect called poison. Poison deals 200 per turn and disables active skills. Explosive range of 5x5 square and deals 200% damage to all
teammates in range.
Infected 4* cop walker: When killed guaranteed to drop 4* Pistol
Infected 4* Swat unit: When killed guaranteed to drop 4* smg, deals 300% damage every turn when in range of a teammate. Assault Helmet: Cannot be crited by melee
Heavy explosive walker: Explodes when shot, explosion deals tough trait damage and deals 500% damage to all enemies in range. Explosive range of 6x6 square deals damage to nearby walkers
Infected 4* Strong walker: when killed guaranteed chance to drop blunt weapons
infected 4* sword walker: When killed guaranteed chance to drop long sword weapons (Like katanas)
Infected 4* hunter walker: When killed guaranteed chance to drop knife weapons (Like the bowie knife and tac knife) This walker is eillusive
Infected 4* hooded walker: Guaranteed chance to drop long knives (Like jesus violent blade and st johns carving knife)
Concussion grenade walker: A walker covered in concussion grenades, explodes when shot and explosion does 0% but impairs all teammates for 3 turns
flashbang walker: A walker covered in flashbangs. Explodes when shot and its explosion does 0 damage but stuns all teammates for 2 turns.

Some boss walkers i thought of
Ballistic walkers: Takes reduced damage from ranged weapons and green weapons. Broken helmet: When enough damage ballistic damage is dealt the walker can be crited
Whisper jump: Once all walkers are clear a chance to encounter beta and at 2 other enemies (only encountered on nightmare difficulty and if your team is defeated on this stage you will still complete the stage)

The 4* walkers should have a low spawn chance and could make farming easier.
So what do think? What could be improved? How would you make your walkers? @High_Power for some of these ideas. especially the 4* walker.


Could be interesting but I wouldn’t trust them to know the differences between difficult , challenging, and cheap

The whisper jump would be badass though but I think people would cry like they did when ambush was a thing in raids. I thought it was awesome


Sounds like No Mans land lol

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i’ve never played it. they have these things? I tried to make the walkers interesting and make color matter than just bonus damage.

I think it makes more sense to wait and see what this event is about before throwing out ideas lol

the update points to a new game mode and an army of walkers you can control. Probably a new kind of road map but i highly doubt there will be some new walkers to actually fight. It will be another game mode like faction assault. i just thought id throw my 2 cents in the ring and see what happens. As excited as i am with this update i wont lose nothing with making a list of things id like to see.

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