Some Charts For Everyone's Viewing Pleasure



Weapon upgrade chances
Chart that shows gear required per trait
A List for the 6* Gear?


Make sure to DOWNLOAD them, then you can zoom in and such. I don’t like that we can’t zoom in from here just viewing. If there is a way, I’d love to know.


You could download them on the front end, then post them here instead of using screenshots


I re-edited my original post. Should be lots better now!


You’re the man



No, thank you. I didn’t realize that the quality would be less. Should’ve figured it out. I love being able to edit posts on this forum. Especially the first one! I hope everyone can benefit from these!


Yes, thanks very much.


Fantastic ty.


Bookmarked for future reference !


Adding to the list today.


Hey man, is there a 6* food and 2* chart out there? The amount of food and 2*s it would take for each tier.

Sort of like the one on the wikia for 5*s.

There’s also this one.


Gator is a generalists not rebel
Only toon so far in the game with a diff sub class other wise your chart for 6stars in very pretty


It’s persona not role.


Yeah, I didn’t create that chart. It’s cool tho, right? :slight_smile:


There was an Excel spreadsheet I saw a long time ago. It was all text though. Someone needs to put it together. I may have it.


First pass - may be revised as I check my math :slight_smile:





Now that’s teamwork right there!!! I’ll post it up on the first post as well to keep with easy reading.

Att: All charts welcome, especially if you have higher quality ones.