Some benefits that should be added to survivors club

I feel like $25 is too much per month for the little aspects given outside of the “free” toon. Some things that should be added to the survival club: halved building construction time (yes I know most people have maxed their buildings already but I’ve been playing for 2 years and I’m just too lazy to build everything to level 20. It takes too long), expand on prestige benefits, for example be able to free skip scaves sooner, double daily logins, free skip building construction sooner, and more prestige tokens. Some other benefits that should be applied, increased survivor gain from stages, gain more experience from everywhere… you know what add some things from territories as permanent benefits, but still allow territory buffs on top of that. So much more could be added. I’m not saying all of this should be added but some things should be to make that $25 offer ($35 for me) more reasonable.

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i like that instant raid win as well :roll_eyes:

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Instant raid?

A game that doesn’t crash when you get a Territories notification.
Customer support that answers your questions instead of copy and paste responses that don’t answer anything.

That’s just general fixes this game needs

They should remove 4* from the wheels for club members… That would be a good aspect to stay in that club.

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or even revert back to the double chances on the survivor’s club pull would go a long way.

Triple chances if anything


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suggestion for them to attract non whales, add the prestige slot 12 in supply depot unlocks even if your not p12 long as you have subscription, someone might see a accendable they want behind the lock and give scopely 25bucks for that month to pull the toon there.

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I personally would like to have more team slots. 25 is not nearly enough.


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