Some beautiful screen of a hacker


Hacker in hale region. Here some pictures. @JB.Scopely


For a hacker this guys team sucks


Where’s the hacking


I’m looking for it too!


For the English speakers… what’s the alleged hacks?


His weapon has confuse. I thought Michonne’s weapon was the only way to have confuse on a weapon.


De red ability ( defense 3 ) in a blue weapon.


Stun in a blue weapon.


I think “confunde” means something else in a different language. There was a post like this before.


I would have guessed Confuse like Dude suggested. Did you attack Tyreese to see if it acted like Stun? I know in the past there were reports of wrong translated text. (Eg: Leaderships not being the same for characters in different languages.)


Yes, i attack, and i was stunned. (Sorry for my english)


Ussualy, the blue one( i think its impair, its called “debilita”)


Why didn’t you show a screenshot of one of the red toons so we can see that the wording is the same for slot 3? My guess is this is either a bug or you hit one of the reds by accident but thats only a guess. I’ve seen too many people get accused of hacking because a bug in the game.


He’s just showing tyresse indicating that he never seen a tyresse with 5k attack


The attack can be easily explained… 2000(base atk)x1.4(Mira lead)x1.4(weapon)+3920+360(mod)+550(atk mod set)=4830
If that’s a hacker team, he really needs to get better hacks.

I used 2000 for an easy number instead of 1942


Read the thread … Tyresee has a stun when being attacked weapon.


I responding to the above comment about the attack number and not seeing a ty with 5k attack


“confunde al enemigo al sufrir un ataque” - Confuses the enemy when suffering an attack

Where can I get a snazzy confuse Tyrese? xD


Wondering if that actually is impair when being attacked :thinking:


first change your device setting to english and then take screenshot it will be on english so everyone can easily understand.

I dont think theres any hack.if they are hacking something else like your noodes then we cant help.