Some 6* that needs a review


It’s been a long time since I’ve started to think that scopely need to do something about some of the 6* already existing, to make them more useful,
Most of those 6* are P2P so many players put :moneybag: on them, and in the end they become useless after a week or two,

I am sure people will be happy if do something about that,
I think a small change in their AR , AP, hp or def should be enough for us, it doesn’t have to be a big change
Let’s take alpha and beta as an example :

Most of people would say alpha is good but not enough, the only thing that makes him worthless is his AR , only target one enemy and confuse two other enemies for 1 turn ( comparing to shiva or Ezekiel Christmas edition that’s nothing )

Now beta (mmmmm 200 damage and stun for 1 turn to a line of enemies is nothing especially since beta attack points is less than 1500 )
If it was 300 damage to up to two enemies with attack point of 1650 or something like that I think it will be much more useful

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They did it once, and I think they should do it again , only if they are planning to give those characters as a f2p soon

They buffed all the stats of Six stars one time, out side of that I’m not sure if it has been done. I however disagree with the need to adjust these six stars. Alpha is amazing, Beta was clearly junk the day he was released, same with Richard and Morgan. You get to see the toon before u buy it so if you do buy it, that’s kinda on you. It’s not like it used to be when you didn’t have any idea the AP required to get them to AR

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Well said. These toons aren’t poor because there has been a later toon which makes them irrelevant, they were always poor

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I’m aware, that is why i said aside from the universal buff, i do not know of a time they readjusted one character post release (that didn’t have a bug)

There was one way back in the day. They boosted like 20 characters adrenaline rushes. I don’t know who exactly was changed, but characters like OG red Shane used to do 350 dmg.

They changed 4* alert Lori, she used to give a medium ar boost to all teammates, now it’s only ranged teammates. Don’t remember when the change happened.imageimage

That was a change in how AR buffs worked. They used to apply the buff BEFORE doing the attack of the AR. They changed it to the damage from the AR went first THEN the buff applied. So to allows the toons to still do the same amount of damage and work the same, they upped the percentage of damage. Wasn’t a buff per say, it was a change to the dynamic but they made changes to keep it the same.

They changed SR Jesus’s AR after it was released to only revive one toon.

Was prior to anyone having it if i remember

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All out was Jesus, way back when he was released his rush used to him all adjacent… few hours after his first promo began the changes it to one enemy and increased the ap requirement

no point to change, there will always be crappy toons… release the old toon ascensions

How long have you been playing? If you been here since the beginning you would know they did this to done characters. It’s possible and they have done it. They’ve changed characters before, all out war Jesus was changed from 106 to 45 then changed back after everyone complained. Yeah, they said it was a mistake but still showed proof that it’s possible.


Could care less about many of those. I have 5s beta and am not crying.

Give me a huge lead for greens and I will set him up to pop turn 1. Same with Alpha / blues.

Dude Richard is the ranged version of sandy he’s different to gov yes there are tyreese running about but we have a toon for tyreese known as Connor and if you see a ranged team you just use 6* Rick as lead also let’s compare him to the leaked jesus who would you rather the hard hitting red which is gonna have a chance at killing two 6* with ability to give any weapon you so desire or the one that didn’t even show us a life steel 2 and has impair pistols only heals himself for a shit amount
Jessie became less useful because of mackensie but she’s decent as I’ve found she’s 10x better than shane I mean the fact she recovers stun of the bat is huge advantage
I do agree on beta and that is mainly because I like to compare him to viktor viktor is obviously 10x better than him but he’s not as avalible because scopley won’t promo the fuker