Some 5 and 6* Toon ideas


These are toons I thought of in dire boredom feel free to post yours too
6* ideas (these 6* are ideas for toons that are already in game as a 5*)

6* axel winter edition (ascends from 5* revive axel in Sr)
Trait : tough
Persona: legend
Active skill bonus hp +25 bonus hp too 2 teamates
Lead skill all teammates get + 50 atk against ranged chaectors
Adrenaline rush (66ap) naughty ‘n’ nice deal 275% damage and - 30% ap to up to 3 enimies up to 3 teammates gain +30% ap

6* jesus road to survival #2 (ascends from 5* jesus whispers into screams)
Trait: fast
Persona: legend
Active skill : confuse confuse 2 enimies for one turn
Specialist skill confounding
Adrenaline rush (58ap) fearsome slashing

Deal 325% dmg to one enimies and all enimies adjacent up to 3 teammates gain elusive for one turn and 45 crit for 3 turns

Ezekeial road to survival #1 (ascends from OG dropper zeke)

Trait: strong
Persona: legend
Active skill: bonus crit all teammates get +30crit for one turn
Leader skill all melee teamates get +36 crit and a large bonus to item drop chance

Adrenaline rush (66ap) we fight as one all teamates get 80atk and 80crit for 2 turns

5* ideas

Billy "made to suffer"
Trait: tough
Persona: hunter
Leader skill: all tough teamates get +30crit and a medium bonus to item drop
Adrenaline rush(45ap) deal 275% fast Trait damage to up to 3 enimies all teamates get 65atk and 65crit for 3 turns

Lydia "the whisperer war"
Trait: alert
Persona: rebel
Specialist skill: hemorage
Adrenaline rush(45ap) “this is gonna hurt” deal 350% damage and 325 dmg bleeding for 3 turns and 550 maim damage to 3 enimies

Trait: tough
Persona: rebel
Leader skill all temates get 45% atk against ranged toons
Adrenaline rush (45ap) fear the princess deal 325% to one enimie and all enimies adjacent all teamates get Trait advantage for 3 turns (Trait advantage is self explanatory you will atk enimies with the stronger Trait against them)


Ascends from existing toons = No…from Scopley


sadly that’s true, even they first asked us what toons we would like to see to go 5* --> 6*. but like many other things thay do just opposite what player base want, only thing they are good at is ruin game


Ascending from existing 5*s? They’ll make note when they finally release them in 2019.