Solved, please close

I think that this is a dead faction that did well in AOW before it died. You got more evidence?

No they are all active

There are only two players in that faction according to the screenshot. It most likely had more players during AOW. It’s a dead faction.

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Looks like they maybe went to a different region to try something fishy

It just means people left the faction. Why is it cheating?


2.7Mil score in the last AoW is not fishy or suspicious. I don’t see how this could be considered cheating.

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Nvm they went to different legion thought they created another team but they didn’t owell they are good

Even if that’s the case, you still didn’t say how or what they did that can be considered cheating.

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Let’s leave this thread open as long as possible so people in the ops region can know they have a wannabe Sherlock holmes running around accusing people of cheating for no reason.