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Nothing money can’t buy. Look at those whales in new regions. Free to play, you better be in a good faction.


“Dade’s of our lives”

One person spreads his poisonous angry little man attitude to a faction full of newbies and calls his made up bitter anti top faction fantasies truths. The newbie faction backs him until they find out for themselves that he is just an incredibly bitter little troll and all leave him. He moves on, poisoning another faction he can get blind followers in and does the same. Until they wake up, then they too move on… when will it end? Stay tuned… :laughing:

Sorry but I won’t publicly declaire things that aren’t true. Its not going to gain me anything.

The top faction has never (to my knowledge) stacked territories. Sure we put in strong teams but its only 1 or 2 and they are easily worn down.

Territories are meant to change hands frequently, they are not insurmountable. And they do the same in DADE as every other region.

Has the DADE region opening worked? In my own opinion yes it has. It breathed life into our region. 25 active factions! Its more than some of the non closed regions. Have we had our problems? Sure! But they are no different to every other region. We tried various ways to plug the power creep but its impossible to fix. We have sat on our hands to let newbies gain wins of valuable gear, tokens and toons when we didn’t have to. We could have taken everything. We still can. But we don’t.

New players outside the top faction are getting stronger and soon the power gap will be far less. Its not even been a year, the newbies with awesome teams and solid backing have done awesome and we hope they continue.


Well I’m sure you would be looking at differently if you were one of the newbies, not sure you would call it a success then.

Going through the reps of players, it’s pretty clear you guys have most of the older players. There’s only one older player in the second ranked faction (Kyle). Everyone else is around 10k. And there’s a few at 50k spread out amongst factions 3-5.

The biggest issue is that you guys had a massive head start on ascendance as you had numerous five stars and the newbies didn’t have any (I believe it opened maybe a month or two before ascendance rolled out).


This is true, whenever I visit Dade to play with my F2P account (it’s damn slow, but a welcome relief nonetheless), I never notice the top faction stack territories. However, even if they don’t stack, I’m aware they have death teams in both crit territories, and maybe even some others too.

No wonder the region always placed dead last, if not 2nd from the last in CRW. #GoAutauga


Absolutely agree that completely new players were on the back foot from the start. And they should have gotten a leg up. We were on the forums advising them it was not a new region and some thanked us and left, and gave up when the realised what a lead we had. I believe 90% of those who hung around are region hoppers.

Problem with giving newbies “welcome packs” is that every man and his dog who were struggling in other regions would have come to DADE for them. And the game would be even more unbalanced region wise.

Some of our top faction 4-6 month old players have higher rep scores than some of the players that have been playing for 2 years so thats not an accurate guage. Looking at our faction list we have 12 old players. And the other old faction still in existance did have 15 oldies but am not sure how many they have left. Inactives are still a faction killer (and infighting).

Scopes called it a failed experement and thats the most disappointing thing - that we couldn’t make it work to give hope to the other regions. We as the top faction tried as hard as we could. We were faced with other old factions throwing out negativity and a terrible attitude while trying to undermine our help most of the time unfortunately. So we just withdrew. Threw tournaments to new factions when we could, let new players win tournaments and even withdraw teams from territories when they were actively attacking to let them in. Would splitting up our friendship group have helped? I don’t see it would have made much difference. Plus we have been playing together for over 2 years, we clawed our way to the top. Why should we split?


On the topic of competitive game, I agree with similar thoughts. In a game where spending is the only way to make it among other spenders is a game not meant to be competitive. If a game locks features behind a paywall so metas can’t be healthy and isn’t diverse, it’s a game not meant to last with a playerbase.


Should just be grateful that Dade got the chance to be reopened. That there’s activity.


What the hell do you expect this post to do realistically?

Even of the example you provide is unique (it isnt) very few regions have multiple top factions rotating first place. What can the people here do?
Scopley could act and ban the top faction from entering events but that would be stupid and kill the game for those players.
You could theoretically rally a lot of players from other regions to join dade, from this post to try take this factiion down, again highly impractical .

Or you could actually play the game and accept its limitations , and try to rallly your region against them and instead of spreading the good players around multiple factions form one to challenge them, but then the faction you just formed would be doing the same thing to the weaker factions you are complaining about, except i think you would not be here complaining as you would be winning every event.


I wasnt going to add anymore to this topic. But as someone who has seen Dade from inside one of the other factions as a noob to the game and the region i figure i should add what i found it like joining Dade.

It was easy to get caught up in the history of the region even though it had nothing to do with new players.

What ever history is there between the original Dade players it should stay between them but it seems to be infecting the others who have come along later.

I left the faction i was in and decided it isnt my history im just going to play my game and enjoy myself with an end goal of eventually being able to compete better against the top guys.

Despite constantly being attacked in global and i myself had been involved in it, one of there best players and by default one of the regions best players jumped into global, threw down his line details and invited everyone regardless of faction or previous actions to msg him if they were looking for genuine game advice.

I took that chance and they were very approachable and true to there word. I have learnt more off of them and the leader of the new faction i am now in than i ever did being in a faction that had originals with history against twd.


Best I can say some of your actives get 2nd device to make 2nd account I’m Marion (en) proud so it’s only reason I ever played in since when I started Nov 2015 I have 3 accounts there to increase number of actives


Region not reason sorry stupid spell check


I though Scopely could give a welcome pack base on creation of the account or prestige, when I made my account I didn’t get to chose a region most important they lock me from new regions and treated me like one of the veterans all I had for choices after reaching level 5 I think was DADE and a bunch of red regions that where full.

I’m never talked about the quality of the welcome pack, so how is this going to be game breaking? we the new new acoount holders never had the chance to get ascendance medals, which is all that im asking for.

Also from what I hear people where complaining of too much medals, so im so asking for trash/


Look, Tully, I know the OP came at this wrong, You personally have posted on this forum expressing concerns about DADE, but please don’t mix the personal argument with the new generation.

So, I ask you personally would you @Tully support the new generation in getting the opportunity to at least silver medal, I don’t mind if the old players get then also I seem they have millions of then so it won’t make a difference.


I realize this is an old post, but wanted to add my 2 cents. I joined Dade as a newb in November. I am now part of a faction that is mostly made up of newbies, and I don’t think most of us have any complaints. We are very active, and sometimes finish in the top 10, which we are proud of; occasionally in territories we hold the top ranking. We have a core group of people who have become good friends, and it has been great to see our faction go from being level 20s or so to almost all level 50s and up. To me, the Dade experiment has gone fine. And yes, TWD have stolen a player or two off us…


Quelqu’un s’aurais dire si le transfert de compte d’une région a une autre est possible ?

  1. If you can’t beat them, join them.
  2. If you cannot join them, then put together a faction that can beat them.
  3. If those don’t work go play Candy Crush.


I guess it depends on what is bothering you about your old region… I’m pretty happy there, and it is a very active region with a lot of active factions.


It will be a very hard uphill battle for you coming to DADE - we have an awesome bunch of people though and it will make your grind enjoyable - but you will be starting over when people have been here for 2 years in some cases - most others for about 5 months. If you do come over to DADE download line and join up with the nudist colony ! (Probably the coolest people you will ever meet :wink:)

Dade region give us some feedback on your current activity please

C’est pas possible. Je suis désolé


Most people in dade or at least the ones I have asked are willing to help reguardless of factions - even Cerberus has been known to give good advice to newbies - it’s a nice thing about dade even amongst all the salt throwing (which has calmed down quite a bit :joy:)